Teenager goes blind due to the wrong diet

Teenager goes blind due to the wrong diet

For ten years, his diet consisted of nothing but sausages and cured meats, French fries, white sandwich bread and Pringles.

The result of this diet was a hypovitaminosis that led him to develop a form of blindness that was no longer curable, while the doctors managed to save him from the risk of deafness.
This is what happened to a 17-year-old British teenager who did not eat any other food and in particular any type of vegetables or fruit as he did not like the texture. A bad diet that ruined his life.

But also an eating disorder known as avoidant / restrictive food intake disorder , typical of children but also of adults who, often due to irrational fears, tend to avoid a series of foods or not eat enough.


In the boy’s case, he had a good body weight, but over the years he developed a series of nutritional deficiencies with his wrong diet of junk food that compromised his vision forever .
They also caused severe osteoporosis and partial hearing loss.
Specifically, doctors found deficiencies in vitamin B12, copper and vitamin D.

Unfortunately, it is not an isolated case of how a wrong diet can seriously ruin health, even if it is the most striking.

In 2016, another British kid developed a vitamin A deficiency blindness after 10 years on a diet of chips, fried chicken, cola and sandwich bread .

In fact, there are many adolescents and children who do not eat fruit and vegetables , because they are not educated to eat them from the weaning stage, or left at the mercy of an approximate diet for years by their parents. Teenagers who become future adults able to feed only on white pasta, pizza by the slice, fries, hamburgers.

The result is often a form of malnutrition which, apparently, is not immediately encountered until it is too late.


  • It is very important for parents to correct their children’s poor eating habits before they can consolidate into a bad diet in the long term.
  • If an eating disorder such as avoidant / restrictive food is suspected, it is better to combine the correction of the diet with a psychotherapeutic path with an eating disorder specialist.
  • Click here to learn more about avoidant / restrictive food intake disorder and here to find out which centers and associations offer help for those suffering from eating disorders in Italy.
  • If you don’t like vegetables or fruit, there are other foods that can provide you with an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals and that are easy to integrate into your daily diet. Sometimes even in the form of natural supplementation.
  • Read these tips to correct your diet in order to avoid deficiencies. 

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