Valentine’s Day: 3 tips for loving yourself

Valentine’s Day: 3 tips for loving yourself

Have you ever written a valentine (traditional poems related to the party)? And what do you think when you look in the mirror? Not that a person cannot teach us to love ourselves, but the bulk of the work starts from within, from the deep self. Let’s see together what it means to love each other and how to better understand if we are doing it in an appropriate and deserved way starting from the traditional gestures linked to the profound history of the party

Valentine's Day: 3 tips for loving yourself

Here, another article on organic tips to seduce her / him on  Valentine’s Day !

But no, this article has rather the function of a self-interrogation to verify how much you actually love yourself.

For this time we cross ideas of spas, wellness centers or intimate application of mud on the skin and we do not even dispense the veg recipe to be unveiled to make a good impression on February 14th. And we put you down with the questions, which you can also turn into useful tips to start loving or loving yourself with a completely new , revolutionary burst of energy .

It is no coincidence that Valentine’s Day happens in February, when nature begins to give the first signs of awakening and the birds mate unleashing harmonious songs (in fact they say “Spring is close for Valentine’s Day” or “the thorn is blooming”) .

But, if we want to compare ourselves to birds in love, how harmonious is our song taken individually, before thinking or imagining of joining it to the song of another or another?  

3 tips to love each other more (starting Valentine’s Day 2016)

Write, say, mimic, love each other. Here are some tips to get to know each other better and appreciate yourself more , to be then completely ready to choose the soul you want next to.

1. Write yourself a “valentina”

No, it’s not about writing to a woman named Valentina; we are asking you if you have ever taken advantage of the beautiful tradition linked to the patron saint of the city of Terni , namely that of writing poems on embroidered and properly decorated cards . The oldest “valentina” of which traces have remained dates back to the  fifteenth century , and was written by Charles d’Orléans, detained in the Tower of London after the defeat at the battle of Agincourt (1415), who wrote to his wife: “Je suis desja d’amour tanné, but tres doulce Valentinée… “ .

The tradition has continued over the centuries until it gave the impetus to a commercialization of love cards by entrepreneurs such as  Esther Howland  (1828-1904) and then took a decidedly consumerist footing to the point that gifts take over the beautiful tradition of cards loving. Here, your task for this year, if you feel you want to do it, is to write a valentine , write it to yourself.

Specify why you love each other , for what reasons you have chosen yourselves in this incarnation, how you hope to improve yourself in this splendid year that awaits you or do not get too mental and write yourself a simple sentence full and dense with all the love you feel . for yourself or that you want to light (in the event that past events or love wounds or work disappointments have “paved” it without too much grace). In the latter case , Bach flowers can also be useful for self-esteem .

Ideas for a natural Valentine’s Day

Spend a natural Valentine’s Day

2. Ask yourself what face you find yourself most frequently in the mirror

Don’t you notice? Try it from now on. Okay, maybe you just want to brush your teeth and are in a hurry, but taking a look with the back of your eye to surprise yourself is a beautiful and useful way to get to know each other again and love each other differently.

Take your time to make faces, try faces, voices, play . The video that you can see at the bottom of the article – entitled First love yourself –  made by some psychology students of the Faculty of Padua leads us to reflect: how many times have we let someone judge us, making us lose serenity?

Think about it, before you put an inadequate valentina or valentino by your side, being alone is always a valid option, do not worry .

3. Ask yourself if you have recently given up on something because it is difficult or seemingly useless

The classic example is that which prompts someone to learn a new language . But it also applies to a musical instrument. So as soon as you grab the tool or buy the online language course, disempowering thoughts are unleashed like loose dogs.

Often they come from others (“but what do you need?”, “But it takes time!”, “We only needed this hour”, “but don’t you already have so many commitments?”, Or the fateful “but for what purpose?” ), but just as often they come from your wonderful and crowded head. And it is not that they are less dangerous, they are indeed, on the contrary, those of others resonate when there is no peace in the heart.

Remember that you don’t have to do something with an aim that is immediately apparent: often starting something new is the first step to change your skin . Of course, it requires patience; certainly space must be made. But the benefits that are obtained are in terms of personal satisfaction, momentum, harmony, vitality.

Finally, on this Valentine’s Day we would like to remind you that: loving yourself is the only true way to build solid , authentic, nourishing relationships .

Hot and sweaty stuff, certainly not as easy as a sugary gift to buy in any pastry shop. It looks more like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates .

In fact, in life you never know what happens to you, but it is much better if what happens to you does not find you already engaged in a bloody battle against yoursel

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