Let’s find out all the features of the new Asus TUF Gaming H7 Wireless gaming headphones. Here is our review.

The Asus branded products are becoming real ” must have ” for every passionate gamer. In addition to excellent devices and peripherals, but also high-performance machines, the company also deals with headphones dedicated to gaming and more. Today we have the opportunity to try the new TUF Gaming H7 Wireless for you, let ‘s discover their characteristics together.


The box of this device immediately appeared to us very large, but this should not be considered a defect, since the devices inside it are certainly not minutes and a little space is needed to better protect them during the various transports. The appearance of the package is still treated to the millimeter, the black packaging and the image of the earphones in the back of the box, make us immediately understand the quality of the product inside. Once the package is opened we will find: obviously the headphones , a USB 2.0 charging cable , a USB 2.0 wireless receiver , a user manual and the classic warranty booklet.

There is no further expectation when buying gaming headsets, so the content is more than enough, to use them right away at their best.

Technical specifications

Let’s start immediately with the main specifications of the TUF Gaming H7 :

  • 2.4GHz wireless technology with dual antenna for stable and lower audio latency
  • Compatibility with all platforms
  • Battery life is estimated at 15+ hours
  • The signal coverage area is 25 meters
  • ASUS Essence 53mm driver with unique airtight chamber technology
  • Clamp Reduction Force for added comfort for longer gaming sessions
  • The steel bar has been coated more to give them more longevity

Only by reading these technical characteristics each reader will have understood that the product packaged by Asus is of excellent quality. The TUF Gaming H7 , not only use wireless technology, to give the wearer greater freedom of movement, but are compatible with practically everything: PC, Mac and PlayStation 4. Thanks to Asus each player can use only one device, for practically all the devices it owns.TUF Gaming H7 Wireless

As if that were not enough, Asus has also thought about users who do not want or cannot afford the purchase of these earphones, producing two lower-end versions (with the wire of course): TUF Gaming H7 Core and TUF Gaming H7 . These headphones are sold with two lines of colors: the first yellow-black for the more elegant users and a completely black one for the more sober users.


We come to the moment to analyze the design of the TUF Gaming H7 Wireless. As we pointed out at the beginning, the headphones are very large: Asus wanted to design this product for all users who have slightly out of standard ears. This is an advantage, because even those with small ears will find the two pavilions comfortable.

The design of the headphones seemed to us studied in detail and they are perfectly capable of adapting to all heads. Furthermore, the materials that the company has decided to choose are extremely technical: each fabric and each material used are suitable for rapid cooling, allowing for acoustic insulation that further improves during the gaming experience. As if that weren’t enough, the fast-cooling fabric reduces heat dissipation by 25% and the headband structure has been redesigned by Asus to minimize clamping force by 20% for an even longer gaming session. Asushas also thought about gamers who habitually wear glasses, equipping the device with a material that reduces pressure. On the right pavilion we find the power button , a toggle switch for the microphone, and the volume wheel . Unfortunately, the headphones are practically easy to use for all right-handers and a little more uncomfortable for left-handers.


The TUF Gaming H7 Wireless  headphones are nothing short of comfortable and 100% enjoyable. The audio experience is nearly perfect and customizable. Thanks to the Armony II  software , users can choose their preferred sound and microphone settings: you can further customize the EQ via certain presets or customize the EQ settings to suit your needs. The headphones start with 7.1 surround sound enabled, but it’s easily turned off.

As described by the company these headphones have one of the best batteries ever. We have made the most of this device and we can guarantee you that they last forever, and the standard described is perfectly respected: 8 days on a single charge and 15 hours or more for non-stop gaming sessions. The range of 25m is also correct. We went from room to room until the audio started to distort and that’s a really remarkable distance.

TUF Gaming H7 Wireless

The comfort offered is truly one of the best, during the various sessions our ears have never been stressed and perhaps they were the best gaming sessions ever. As for the sound quality, we can tell you about a high quality product. The settings, however, are a little difficult to change, if we start with the standard configurations, we lose a little the power of this device. The lows and the highs must be adjusted well and above all according to the use you want to make of them. Finding the EQ setting that best suits your needs, if you are a novice, may take a few minutes of your time. The only certain note is that if we use the standard settings we will get a sound with bass and treble not at the top,

This device was designed for gamers, the Virtual Surround option is in fact perfect for gaming sessions. We tried to disable this option during some gameplay that required immersion and concentration and the result was very bad. Among the advantages that this headset can also offer gamers is an excellent microphone, with our sessions on Discord and teams having proved to be excellent. When talking to other people the microphone is flawless, perhaps one of the best so far out there.

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