Tiredness: symptoms, causes, all the remedies

Tiredness: symptoms, causes, all the remedies

Always feeling tired, getting up with the feeling that the day is impossible to cope with, carrying on in a limp way throughout the day and getting exhausted to bed, refusing invitations, feeling disheartened by this state of perennial energy deficiency

This condition of constant fatigue  is attributable to an alteration of the balance that we should always keep in the chest, in the organs, in the clear and peaceful mind. Let’s find out better how to cure it.

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The diagnosis

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Fatigue, natural remedies

Symptoms of fatigue

The feeling of general tiredness is often accompanied by acceleration of the heartbeat, sleep disturbances (insomnia, sleep apnea, etc.), muscle aches, stomach ulcer, diarrhea, stomach cramps, colitis , thyroid malfunction , difficulty in expressing concepts that you possess, feeling of boredom towards every situation, frequent urge to urinate, change of voice, hyperactivity, mental confusion, irritability, lowering of the immune defenses. 

When fatigue becomes the normal condition it is  called chronic fatigue , which can lead to a condition of debilitating despair. The reasons that lead to chronic fatigue conditions are many and that is why the therapy requires so much effort and that it is of a highly holistic type, that is, it takes into account all the physical, psychic, spiritual, emotional aspects and habits rooted in the style. of life of the patient.


Fatigue can be caused by physical causes , such as exertion and illness, but also by psychological ones . In the first case, the factors that affect our body the most, generating the feeling of general tiredness, are:

  • Weight problems, both excessive thinness and overweight
  • More or less serious diseases (diabetes, anemia, cancer, infections, hyperthyroidism, etc.) and the consequent curative treatments
  • Poor physical fitness
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Changes in the normal sleep-wake cycle

In the second case, however, fatigue arises from problems in the mental sphere, such as:

  • Worries and stress
  • Depression
  • Insomnia


Specific tests for the disorder do not exist, but they are used to exclude other factors that could generate fatigue.

Possible factors to be excluded include dominant causes of fatigue such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, various endocrine disorders (e.g. hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism), unresolved hepatitis B or C, abuse of alcohol, drugs or other substances, severe obesity, systemic lupus erythematosus , drug side effects , immune disorders, eating disorders or major depressants.

Natural cures against fatigue

Fatigue is a disorder that must be approached in a global way, especially considering the psychosomatic aspect.

Nutrition can make a big contribution. It is important that the foods used have the maximum nutritional power and that they are therefore alive, fresh and organic . Therefore all packaged foods, those rich in refined sugar or synthetic sweeteners, and greenhouse food will be excluded to exclude the presence of food additives, solvents and pesticides that could worsen the detoxification capacity of the organism.

The diet must be as close as possible to the Mediterranean diet , rich in whole grains, legumes, small fish, oil seeds, extra virgin olive oil, seasonal vegetables and fruit of organic production. A diet with foods rich in magnesium helps to improve the symptoms of fatigue: peas, green vegetables, almonds, peanuts and cocoa.

It will be important to balance your blood sugar throughout the day to prevent hypoglycemic episodes from causing or worsening the feeling of tiredness.

Liver functionality is essential : when its detoxifying capacity decreases, the whole organism is affected and symptoms may worsen with widespread exhaustion and fatigue.

A good intestinal bacterial flora is also important : in fact, in the case of dysbiosis (alteration of the intestinal bacterial flora) there is an increased intestinal permeability in which there is an abnormal passage of toxins into the rest of the body.

This phenomenon can be caused by poor nutrition and food intolerances and by rebalancing the intestinal environment there are also improvements in the nervous and immune systems. 

There are also natural energizing herbal teas that are used to recharge the energy in a period of exhaustion, fatigue and asthenia.

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Legumes in the diet for fatigue

Herbal remedies for fatigue

The plants used to support a situation of fatigue and psychophysical exhaustion , increase resistance to fatigue, regulate metabolic functions, and improve cognitive abilities.

These plants are also a valuable aid to combat the drop in libido and sexual asthenia in both sexes.

Vegetable adaptogens belong to this category  , plants that are precious resources of medical traditions all over the world with a tonic and stimulating action.

  • Properties of ginseng ( Panax ginseng : reduces the perception of fatigue and brings energy and vitality. Its roots, like those of Eleutherococcus ( Eleuterococcus senticosus ), improve the body’s response to the stimuli of daily life, enhance physical resistance to factors negative environmental factors, favoring the ability to recover; 
  • Rhodiola : ( Rhodiola rosea ) extremely effective in fighting tiredness and fatigue, it improves the quality of sleep, and has a cardioprotective effect, useful in states of overmenage, with tachycardia, palpitations, anxiety and nervousness;
  • Açai : ( Euterpe oleracea ) the presence of precious revitalizing nutrients makes this fruit a valid remedy for improving the general energy levels of our body, helping to counteract fatigue and stress;
  • Schisandra : ( Schizandra chinensis ) used in conditions of physical and mental fatigue, but also as an antioxidant in case of metabolic disorders mainly affecting the liver, it is used against aging in general, especially in case of excessive energy expenditure; it can be used at all ages, even by young people subjected to physical or mental stress.

Among the bud derivatives, that of Birch seeds (Betula verrucosa) is a tonic of the nervous system, particularly indicated in the period of examinations and as a general stimulant in the presence of psychophysical asthenia, associated with that of the Oak (Quercus pedunculata) in case of overmenage and fatigue.

Among the herbal remedies there are also some medicinal mushrooms useful for fatigue, such as Reishi and Cordyceps . These help the body and the psyche to regain well-being, improving the quality of sleep, energy, mood.

Find out what other natural energizers are

Bach flowers for fatigue

The use of Bach flowers helps to restore energy and renewed enthusiasm , in periods of weakness, exhaustion and mental fatigue. Flower remedies are capable of restoring balance both physically and mentally, by intervening on the emotional causes that prevent the body from recovering energy through rest, most often attributable to prolonged states of psycho-physical stress, inability to recognize one’s limitations, due to an excessive sense of duty or too many commitments to carry out. 

  • Olive : is the flower of regeneration, in case of weakness, fatigue, lack of energy, drowsiness and total exhaustion of one’s physical, mental, emotional resources, due to prolonged stress. The remedy gives new physical and mental energy.  
  • Oak : it is the remedy for tiredness due to an excessive sense of duty that does not allow to recognize the moment to stop and rest and this leads to a state of chronic fatigue. The flower helps to understand the importance of relaxing, of resting; urges the desire to take well-deserved breaks, softening the sense of duty.
  • Elm : it is the remedy for the momentary fatigue that affects those who have taken on excessive commitments, which go beyond their strength. He helps to regain the enthusiasm to recover lost energy.
  • Hornbeam : the remedy for mental fatigue that does not prevent you from working, but leads to constantly doubting your ability to succeed. This condition is due to the excessive use of the mind at the expense of the body, to the point of experiencing fatigue, asthenia and refusal to work. The flower helps to rebalance the energy, so that it is not dispersed; supports in the daily fight against stress and helps to sleep well, allowing the mind to regenerate. Promotes the recovery of physical potential, enthusiasm.
  • Centaury: it is the remedy for the tiredness of those who for excess of generosity, sometimes for true altruism, exhaust all energies without obtaining any express recognition for their efforts and qualities. Hypersensitive to the needs of others and unable to impose himself on others, he is unable to say no to anyone’s face. He denies his needs until he feels deeply emptied: since there is no exchange, his Self does not receive energy and becomes increasingly weak and tired. The remedy helps to affirm one’s personality, adopting a more balanced attitude towards others.

Also from the Australian Flowers comes a valid help against fatigue. In particular, the Energy compound is useful during the convalescence phases , in periods of overwork, intense physical or mental activity (work, study), at the change of season.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine, each organ of the body has a corresponding psychic content, which means that we also deposit mental energies inside the organism. Fatigue arises from energy imbalances, intoxications and malfunctioning of organs that damage mental energy: for example, an intoxicated liver decreases the strength of decisions. In addition to the Liver meridians, it is useful to treat those of the Heart and Spleen. Acupuncture mobilizes the qi, the energy of the Liver, and calms the shen, through the work on these points:

  • SHEN MEN  (on the transverse crease of the wrist), which tones and regulates the cardial qi;
  • XING JIANG  (between the big toe and the second toe), which tones and regulates the Liver, and cools the Blood;
  • FENG LONG  (between the lower edge of the patella and the vertex of the external malleolus), which dissolves moisture, mobilizes the  qi  of the Spleen and Stomach, calms the  shen  and promotes the descent of the  Yang .

Aromatherapy for fatigue

The essences that have a toning action are used to counteract states of fatigue and help the body both physically and mentally in situations of energy exhaustion. If inhaled, through environmental diffusion (1 drop per square meter of the place where you are staying) or 10 drops in the tub for stimulating baths, they revitalize mind and body, infusing a new energy charge.

  • Rosemary essential oil : it is a cardiotonic, for this reason it is indicated in case of asthenia, low blood pressure, weakness and fatigue, even mental. It is an excellent nerve tonic that activates the memory, calms the nerves and revitalizes.   
  • Ginger essential oil : it has a tonic action on the whole organism. Rebalances the energies that are not in harmony; it helps to wake up and warm the dormant senses, improves concentration and judgment skills.
  • Thyme essential oil : it has a tonic action on the nervous system and restores the whole organism. It is useful in case of physical and mental fatigue, headache, asthenia. Improve memory and brain activity.
  • Scots pine essential oil : helps you feel immediately efficient when you wake up. For its stimulating action it is indicated in cases of hypotension and heart failure. It is used to relieve the sense of tiredness in people who are fatigued or under stress. Useful in case of sleep disorders or nervous exhaustion.


Homeopathic medicines that treat stress are divided into two categories:  somatic medicines and deep-acting medicines .

In case you are returning from intense mental efforts or an intense period of psychological pressure, take Phosphoricum acidum 7 CH , 5 granules 2 times a day for 3 weeks; it will help you replenish your energy.

Two or three doses of Kali phosphoricum  at  30 CH could be effective in the case of nervous energy or mental and physical depression. The prescription of these homeopathic remedies must be carried out by the therapist after a careful analysis of the patient’s disorders and lifestyle.

Exercises in case of fatigue

Chronic fatigue is an energy deficiency that lasts over time and is due to an alteration of that balance that we should always keep in the chest, in the organs, in the clear and peaceful mind.

Fatigue is often accompanied by an acceleration of the heartbeat, sleep disturbances (insomnia, sleep apnea, etc.), muscle aches, stomach ulcer, diarrhea, stomach cramps, colitis, thyroid malfunction, difficulty in expressing concepts that they possess themselves, a feeling of boredom towards every situation, frequent urge to urinate, change of voice, hyperactivity, mental confusion, irritability, lowering of the immune defenses.

Chronic fatigue requires a strongly holistic approach , that is, one that takes into account all the physical, psychic, spiritual, emotional aspects and habits rooted in the patient’s lifestyle.

The fatigue in athletes is different, which is often linked to the accumulation of lactic acid , a by-product of anaerobic metabolism that is not needed by the muscles.

It is important to bring the muscles to a state of relaxation whenever possible, in order to allow the blood to carry away the lactate and to supply the tissues with oxygen necessary for the efficiency of aerobic metabolism. Avoid using any product that “promises” to facilitate acid elimination.

A good massage is useful for counteracting fatigue. When it comes to a temporary phenomenon and not a symptom of serious situations, you can perform a light and invigorating massage for the body, in order to stimulate and infuse vitality. Then make quick light taps in the direction of the venous flow, always towards the heart. Then massage arms and legs from the extremities upwards and the whole back from the lumbar area to the shoulders. You can then move on to a deeper massage, with pressure on the muscle planes at a brisk pace.

Fatigue in athletes can also be a consequence of very intense and short-term exercise, a condition that produces a decrease in muscle glycogen.

Also beware of overheating of the body and dehydration.

The heat that is generated with motor activity is carried by the muscles to the skin to be then dissipated, thanks to the circulatory system. At the same time the blood is committed to the energy and metabolic demand of the muscles under stress. The result is a double use that overheats the body and dehydrates it (even worse if the training environment is humid).

Another fundamental exercise, together with that of the “hydration ritual”: respect your personal and very intimate sleep-wake cycle.

Avoid maintaining the same position for too long throughout the day.

Dedicate yourself to meditation , to relaxing disciplines such as yoga and qi gong. Give yourself the chance to explore the body dimension; try to live it with new awareness, be it through theater, dance, improvisation.

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