Tina Cipollari’s diet

Tina Cipollari’s diet

And finally there are results for Tina Cipollari, the well-known commentator of Men and Women, pushed to lose weight by the host of the program Maria De Filippi. After noticing that Tina had put on weight, she made a naturopath specializing in nutrition available to her.
However, the naturopath who follows her is not a nutritionist or dietician. She therefore she limited herself to giving food advice.

Tina Cipollari’s diet before the weight loss course was decidedly messy and too caloric.
Breakfast with various croissants, snack with focaccia or bread and mortadella, lunch and dinner with several courses and many condiments.

Much too much for a 50-year-old woman like Tina, who in fact appeared out of shape, with a starting weight of 84 kilos by 1.73 meters tall. So much so that the set goal was to lose 20 kilos by Christmas and drastically change eating habits. A remarkable goal if you think that Cipollari has declared that she has thyroid problems.

Tina Cipollari’s new diet allowed her to lose all the excess weight. In this article we see the diet menu and Dcomedieta’s opinion.


Tina Cipollari’s diet is a reduced-carbohydrate diet, although not drastic.

  • Breakfast: a slice of toast with a teaspoon of Hero light jam or 5 grams of almond butter.
  • Snack:   125 grams of 0% fat yogurt or 10 almonds or 120 grams of seasonal fruit.
  • Lunch and dinner. A large plate of vegetables (green beans, courgettes) with a teaspoon of oil at the beginning of the meal. 25-50 grams of bread or 50 grams of spelled pasta occasionally. Simply cooked meat or fish.
  • Snack : six olives or 120 grams of seasonal fruit or 10 almonds.

In short, Tina Cipollari ‘s diet is a highly low-calorie diet, and this also explains the fast weight loss. Between the low daily calories and the reduction of carbohydrates to around 100-120 net grams per day, the weight loss is also due to the water disposed of.


Cipollari herself revealed that she was eating too many carbohydrates with her previous diet.
However, here we note the first inaccuracy.
It is true that Tina Cipollari ate a lot of carbohydrates, but she also ate a lot of fat.
A cream soup as in your previous breakfast provides sugars, but also the fats of the cream. And what about the snack based on white pizza and mortadella? Here we have fats and carbohydrates together again. The same she admitted to season pasta dishes a lot and to eat very seasoned in general. Such meals are not only low-calorie, but fattening precisely due to the high percentage of fat combined with sugars.

So his problem wasn’t excess carbohydrates, or not at all.
Also Tina is hypothyroid.
This means that you shouldn’t have reduced carbohydrate diets, quite the contrary, in order not to further reduce the production of the T3 hormone which is already lowered by reducing calories.

Finally, a consideration.
I find Maria De Filippi’s concern about Tina’s health noble. But it is also detrimental to impose a diet on another person, make it weigh in transmission and so on. And even more, do not consider a dietician for a person who is suffering from a medical condition. In the case of pathologies such as the thyroid one, the use of a doctor who supports the nutritional path is mandatory.

Quite frankly, many of the diets I talked about on Dcomedieta, even low-carb ones, seem more varied than Tina Cipollari’s diet. In short, Tina Cipollari’s diet is very similar to Mara Venier’s diet .

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