Three easy weight loss exercises that burn a lot of calories

Three easy weight loss exercises that burn a lot of calories

Three easy weight loss exercises that allow you to burn 800 to 1000 calories in one hour (on average, always calculated for a normal physique male) and that you can do even if you are not an athlete?
These are exercises that do not require any particular skills, apart from having breath, and that allow you to move and lose weight if you do not overdo it at the table. It is enough to do these exercises three or four times a week to have a caloric deficit such as to lose a pound without eating less.
Here’s what they are and here’s how to make them compatible with our needs ( source ).


Jumping rope burns 1074 calories in an hour. When as a young girl I had my first diet (improvised by me, because my mother was against it, even though I was very overweight: at ten I weighed about eighty and more kilos), the only thing I could do was jump rope. I had learned it when I was doing gymnastics: it was the only thing the instructor let me do. So every afternoon I took that rope and jumped. At first I didn’t last more than ten minutes, then with time I was able to do half an hour every day. For one year. There is no need to spend money on some miracle weight loss tool. If you are in good health and your knees are okay, you just need a rope.
Those who don’t like the gym can go to the pool and do some laps. Do you think that swimming vigorously and freestyle for an hour straight allows you to burn 892 calories per hour , and if you are not good at swimming, learn how to do it, because swimming is an exercise that improves cardiovascular health and shape the body.
Ok, this does Rocky Balboa a lot, but it works, above all it is indicated if you are used to walking or running and would like something more challenging. Running stairs for an hour burns 819 calories. If you don’t live on the 10th floor or you live on the 10th floor and you don’t want to scare your neighbors and you don’t have other stairs available, find out if any gyms in your area have StairMaster.a cardio machine equipped with steps, which does exactly this job. If, on the other hand, there are places where you can do it outside the home, it is even better. Maybe not really close to rush hour traffic, but we understand each other. It is also good to run for climbs, for example hills or the like.

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