Brownie-flavored cocoa and oat protein cake

Brownie-flavored cocoa and oat protein cake

This brownie-flavored cocoa and oat protein cake is very soft and extra -light , also ideal as a healthy snack and for breakfast: a quarter of the whole cake provides just 372 calories and over 31 grams of protein, and an eighth 186 and 16 grams! Perfect with a little Hero Light jam (strawberry, peach, apricot) for breakfast, very very soft, it is ideal for those who do not like fruit: it has a little secret ingredient that makes it so soft .


500 g of red or yellow apples
2 eggs and 100 g of egg white
115 g of Prozis Oatmeal Gusto Brownie or oat flour Oatmeal Nutchoc brownie or Ferrero Rocher flavor.
100 g of Prozis Whey protein with Chocolate and Hazelnut flavor
25 g of unsweetened cocoa powder
20 g of coconut or olive oil or 20 g of organic peanut, almond or hazelnut butter
a pinch of salt
a stick of cinnamon
a sachet of vanilla yeast

Procedure: take the apples, cut them into pieces and cook them in a pan with a little water and a cinnamon stick for about 15 minutes. Drain them very well, remove the cinnamon and blend them until you get a cream of apples: add the coconut oil and the two eggs plus the egg white to the mixer. In a large bowl, mix the whey with the protein oatmeal and unsweetened cocoa plus a pinch of salt and baking powder (no need to add sugar or sweeteners), then gradually add the apple and egg cream. .
Mix quickly and place in a pan of 24/26 cm in diameter, then in the oven at 180 ° (preheated) for about 25 minutes. Do the toothpick test. Allow the cake to cool completely before turning it out of the mold and serving it.

Nutritional values:
for an eighth slice:
186 calories, 15.8 grams of protein, 15.8 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fat.

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