Therapynotes vs Drchrono Electronic Billing EHR Software Online

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Therapynotes vs Drchrono Electronic Billing EHR Software Online

In this article, I will compareTherapynotes and Drchrono so, you can better understand. So, read this article from start to end to get useful information.


Therapynotes is an online practice management solution for behavioral health. It is a notes system, which gives a practice management system. It gives a generic-free form of text area.



Drchrono HER is an electronic health record solution for small and medium sized medical business. It is a web based system, which gives capabilities such as electronic suggestions, scheduling, and practice management. This web-based software was created and released by Drchrono Inc, USA.



The pricing of Therapynotes is starting of $25. It also offers a free trial so, users can first try before using it.


The pricing of Drchrono is staring from $250. It also facilitated its users with free trial so that the users decided whether they used it or not.

Best for Business

Therapynotessupported all type of business. Every type of business whether it is small, medium, or large can use this service. Drchronois also better for all sized businesses. Small, medium, or large business can use this software.

Product Assistance

To use any product, product assistance is required. Therapynotes provides video and Webinars to assist and train users. Product assistance helps users to know how to use products. Drchrono also provides videos and Webinars to users to know the process to use the product.

Customer Support

Therapynotes provides customer support through Email, Phone number, Chat, FAQ, and Forum. Drchrono also provides customer support through Email, Chat, FAQ, Phone, and Forum.


Product Benefits

Saves Time: it helps physician to save their time in data documentation and it enables them to be more focused on their patients. Computerized system and assistance with work enable the staff to enhance daily traffic without compromising on the quality of care they provide.

Increase Income: it helps users to increase income and create oppurtunities to earn more by increasing the regular traffic.

Enhance Patient Experience: this automated system helps patients to get their medical history and lab results easily. Doctors can get head on interaction with their patients.


Enhance efficiency: the product can enhance output and efficiency by providing best tools such as medical templates, dynamic photo charting and much more.

Enhance Patient Check-in: this tool gives patients a stree-free check-in experience to patients. It automatically set their information and automatically synchronizing their data.

Easy Documentation: this tool helps users to arrange the documents like medical forms and templates to efficiently manage everything. This tool is beneficial for all type of tools.

Equip with Lab: it integrated with beneficial systems including LabCorp, Surescripts, Quest, and with any type of third party labs, which helps users to decrease the paper work.

Certified: This tool is certified by HIPAA, which is the platform to secure information and build meaningful standards.


Therapynotes vs Drchrono Electronic Billing EHR Software Online
Therapynotes vs Drchrono Electronic Billing EHR Software Online


Drchrono is costly as compared to TherapyNotes. Drchrono is ranked and rated higher as compared to the TherapyNotes. Both tools give the same features but their benefits and cost build a difference among them.

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