Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

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Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

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Summary of Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

The protagonist in this unpublished book is a character who has pushed the “Female Leading x Emperor” pair. She cries over a character thatdoes not end up together. One day, she is referred to a page where she hears a prophecy and starts making money through the content in the text. However, despite her newfound wealth, she still does not have the one thing she wants love.

Threemonths later, she is taken to the Imperial City by the name of the Emperor.When she finally sees him for the first time, she is awestruck by hisappearance. The emperor asks her if she knows everything and she repliesaffirmatively. The emperor then asks her to tell him when he will return to hisoriginal state, and the protagonist is shocked to see that the emperor appearsas a four-year-old child.

To keepher status as a prophet hidden, the protagonist fights to find a solution tothe curse that has afflicted the infant emperor. When she sees him as a baby,the emperor expresses his disappointment with her simple reaction. He speaksadmiringly of her cuteness, but the protagonist is not amused and throws arabbit doll at him. She realizes that she should have purchased a cat insteadof a rabbit.

The storyends with the protagonist’s determination to uncover the truth behind theemperor’s curse and find a way to break it.

ML’s Curse —– Introduction 

In the story, Endetio Heydar, who is also the father of Kestean, cast the curse on Emperor Persilion. Although Endetio was skilled in black magic, Kestean did notfollow his father’s example as he felt a sense of guilt and empathy towards Persilion due to the loss of their mother when they were young.

Thecorruption had its roots 100 years prior when Endetio’s father discovered thatone could control the soul through the dragon’s heart. This cursed medium wasburied in the sacred tree of the imperial palace, accessible only to those withimperial blood. The Grand Duchess of Endetio used Difke to place the medium inthe tree and cast the curse on Persilion.

However,when Persilion was visiting Princess Sheril, they took advantage of theopportunity to place the medium in the sacred tree, causing Persilion to becomea child. Lippi, who had awakened her divine power, was able to break the curseand end it completely.

When ML turns adult 

To break the curse that turned Emperor Persilion into an infant, the cursed medium needed to be destroyed. Before that could happen, Sikar, who had released his power, helped Persilion regain his adult form, but only with half of his magical power. Once the medium was destroyed, Persilion would remain an adult forever.

FL’s Strength 

a woman named Lippi who lived 100 years ago and was on her way to Shekina after successfully acquiring the Ardal power through the Ardal tests. However, her journey was cut short when she was pushed off a carriage and she fell into a river. Her soul wandered but ultimately perished in another world as it was not stable.

As theEmpire and Sikar faced danger, Lippi’s soul was retrieved by Simeon from therealm of the dead and placed in a faraway land in the west of the Empire. Shestumbled upon her Ardal powers after drinking a contaminated cup containing thesacred leaf from the sacred tree. This near-death experience also made Lippirealize that the sacred tree’s leaves were poisoned as part of Duke Endetio’s Scheme

Determinedto save her life and spread the word, Lippi wielded her Ardal power to defeatthe corrupt forces and restore peace to the land.

ML is Perry Prince 

The public, due to a dramatic event that took place at a dinner, finally uncovers the truth about Prince Perry being the Emperor. Duke Endetio, who had cast a curse on Persilion causing him to transform into a child, publicly chanted the curse in front of many witnesses. However, with the help of Lippi’s divine powers, Prince Perry was able to return to his adult self, albeit with only half of Persilion’s magical power remaining as the curse’s medium had not yet been destroyed.

OGFL and OGML’s Future 

The novel’s main storyline does not involve the OGFL or OGML. Lippi’s story runs alongside the main story and is a separate, supplementary plot. Persilion is related to Sheril, as his mother and Sheril’s mother are cousins, which is why Sheril sometimes refers to Persilion as “that child.”

ML and FL in Relation 

Lippi and Persilion have feelings for each other, but Lippi is hesitant to admit her love for Persilion because she has only known him as an adult for a short time. Despite Persilion’s persistent pursuit, she needs time to adjust and determine her feelings. However, as she faced death, she realized that she did not want Persilion to experience the same sadness and loss he felt when his mother died. This desire to bring happiness to Persilion ultimately led her to confess her love. Persilion then built a temple and palace for both Ardal and Sikar, who are inseparable soulmates. Despite her initial uncertainty, Lippi’s love for Persilion helps her to fully integrate into this world and strengthen her soul as a divine being.

ML’s Background 

Persilion is the son of Ardal mentioned in a thirty-year-old prophecy. He possesses the power of his mother, who was part of the imperial bloodline and received it from Simeon.

One night,on his birthday, he rediscovered the magic power he had lost after his mother’s Death. As a student at the magic tower, he returned to the imperial palace toinherit the throne.

At adinner hosted by his half-siblings and the empress, Persilion vomited blood andlaughed at their reaction. Furious, he took them to the hospital and killedthem. The emperor died of fear and shock, and Persilion became the new emperor.

Duchess Dfike —– Introduction

Difke is the only daughter of the emperor and has several brothers. She was persuaded by Endetio to participate in a war, which resulted in the loss of all her brothers. She became friends with Belia, who rescued her when she was injured in the war. After the war, Endetio claimed to be the reason for the victory and became a hero. Difke resented him for this. She left for another country for five years and was unaware that she was being poisoned. Upon her return, she found that her younger brother had taken the throne. Endetio confessed to poisoning her and promised to kill her, but she pledged to become his subordinate and shewas made the elder of the magical tower. She was tasked with protecting Persilion, her friend’s son, in secret. Persilion became emperor after killing all the imperial family members. Difke ultimately kills Endetio in a final battle after obtaining the dragon’s heart, which transforms the space into a safe place. However, she also dies, but Persilion helps her with the fruit of the sacred tree.

Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers
Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

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