The winter weight loss diet to lose 3 kg in 2 weeks

The winter weight loss diet to lose 3 kg in 2 weeks

The winter weight loss diet to lose 3 kg in 2 weeks is a diet very suitable for fighting the cold and strengthening the immune system. It is a diet of Indian origins that uses the properties of spices, tubers, roots and antioxidant foods to enhance weight loss and is based on chrono-nutrition.

Therefore meals cannot be reversed and you have to eat the foods on the list for that time of day and not others. Designed by Dr. Manju Malik , dietician and nutritionist, it is a regimen of about 1300 calories for women and 1600 for men. For its success it is essential to follow it step by step.


  • Before breakfast: 1 to 3 glasses of hot water.
  • Recommended supplementation of guggul triphala (one tablet).
  • Breakfast.

    Half an apple of 100 grams cooked with cinnamon or half a ripe banana of 50 grams.
    Optionally 4 almonds or a date or two dried plums left to soak in water the night before.
    20 grams of oat flakes or puffed rice or amaranth / puffed quinoa or 35 grams of wholemeal bread (maximum twice a week) + a hard-boiled egg or 125 grams of low-fat or soy yogurt or 200 ml of soy or semi-skimmed milk .
    Coffee or black tea of ​​your choice without sugar.

  • After breakfast.

    From half an hour to 45 minutes of activity of your choice between yoga, pilates, walking, bodyweight training.
    After training.
    A 125 gram soy yogurt with no added sugar + a teaspoon of flax seeds or 6 peanuts.

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