Diet Black Friday: what to buy according to Dcomedieta

Diet Black Friday: what to buy according to Dcomedieta

The day of Black Friday, which actually ends up lasting a week, is now a highly anticipated appointment also in Italy for some years.

Many e-commerce sites, but also shops, offer discounted products on Black Friday.
You have to be careful, but sometimes the discount can go up to 50 or 60%.

The most popular of all, given the offer, is Amazon , but there are also fashion sites such as Zalando participating in the initiative, or Gearbest for telephony and electronics.

We can take advantage of this special interlude of pre-holiday sales to buy something that will help us lose weight and stay in shape, and at a significant discount.

Here’s what to keep an eye on according to Dcomedieta.

Search for products and take advantage of the discounts that will appear in the week of Black Friday.
I can assure you that all these products are always discounted on Amazon and on other sites in the week from the previous Monday to the actual Friday called Black Friday.


  1. Juice extractors, blenders, blenders, centrifuge machines.

    The better they are, the more they cost, but they allow us to make fruit and vegetable extracts, juices or smoothies in a flash.

  2. Superfoods: supplements and functional or organic foods on offer.

    Among the products often subject to discount we find dried fruit, dark or Modica chocolate, many organic products, Manuka honey or royal jelly, vitamin supplements, mineral salts, omega 3, dry extracts of antioxidant foods such as Chinese mushrooms or seaweed, organic whole grain products on offer, teas and herbal teas, coconut sugar, coconut oil, low-carbohydrate flours.

  3. Sports equipment.

    Treadmills, rowing machines and stationary bikes are on offer during Black Friday. But also the vibrating platforms, the massage belts, the elastic bands kits, the yoga mats, the steppers, the tools, the anklets.

  4. Sports supplements.

    Protein supplements of all tastes, bars, snacks and drinks are on sale both in specialty stores (MyProtein and others) and on Amazon.

  5. Vegetable dryers .

    They allow us to obtain vegetable and fruit chips without added oils or sugars.

  6. Air Fryer.

    They are special ovens that allow you to fry a food, especially chips, using only a tablespoon of oil.
    They cost over 200 euros at full price. But Black Friday can give us a big discount.

  7. Spiralizer. 

    These are small kitchen utensils that allow you to make noodles from zucchini, carrots and sweet potatoes. Indispensable in paleo, vegan and low carb cuisine, they have also become famous with us.

  8. Beauty products.

    Gloves for dry scrub, cups for cellulite, essential oils for massage. Even these products that perhaps tickle our imagination and can help us improve certain areas of our body, are often on offer during the super discount week.

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