The winter healing and detoxifying broth

The winter healing and detoxifying broth

In winter, you often feel sluggish, mainly due to the lack of light, which affects not only the energy level, but also reduces the levels of vitamin D, with related hormonal problems.

Add the cold, the stress, the various influences that change their name every year. Winter is good for many things, but it is normal to feel weaker now than in summer.

Nutrition can provide tremendous help in supporting metabolism, hormones and the immune system in the colder months. First of all, it is better to provide warm and warm (in a positive sense!) Food to our body, and also vitamins and minerals.
A good soup, and not a simple minestrone, can be a holy hand from a nutritional point of view.

And here I present to you the recipe of a truly magical healing broth , which I got from a beautiful site, Nourishing Days , where there are many traditional and old-fashioned recipes, we can say, by two spouses who have decided to live as one time, and run a farm, doing everything at home and self-producing most of the food, from butter to bread.
But all according to the ancient recipes and traditions of the past.

Here is the healing broth that in winter supports our immune system and our metabolism, allowing us to fight seasonal ailments.


At the base of this healing broth there is first and foremost the meat broth, or rather, bone broth .
It is always better to do more on a day when we can stay at home, it is very cheap and we can freeze it.


It is necessary to buy bones, preferably of bovine, from the trusted butcher, and simmer them in very abundant water with spices and aromas of your choice, for a period of not less than 7-8 hours, skimming the impurities on the surface, and adding some juice of lemon to allow the passage of mineral salts from the bones to the water. The broth is more digestible the more we cook it, so don’t use the pressure cooker.

It must have a good dark appearance, and only in this way is it a cure-all for the intestine, digestion, metabolism .
Those who have a free-range chicken, on the other hand, can use those bones and the chicken bone broth cooks in 3-4 hours.
We can then freeze it and use it as a base for our vegetable creams.

For those short on time, I recommend this product to work around.
Meadow & Marrow Beef Bone Broth- Natural Flavor

Costa but is concentrated, and is made in the same way but with a cooking time of 20 hours, from animals raised on pasture and to high quality standards. A large spoonful in three quarters of water is enough to have 750 ml of traditional bone broth.
Clearly, if we do it at home we spend very little.

Now that we have the basis of our healing broth in one way or another, let’s see the recipe.

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