The watermelon diet: 5 days detox

The watermelon diet: 5 days detox

You will certainly know that the detox diet has its pros and cons.

But maybe you don’t know that there are really interesting and little advertised diets like the one that allows you to lose weight even by eating ice cream .

However, today I want to tell you about something we know is a draining and extraordinarily antioxidant food that is watermelon.

The watermelon diet: 5 days detox

Watermelon is the summer element par excellence, there is no one who gives up the power of this fruit composed of 90% water and rich in magnesium. On the other hand, it is also true that a 100-gram slice of watermelon contains only 30 calories and is also perfect for digestion, very easy to digest thanks to the fibers it contains.

This extraordinary fruit is also a great highlight in smoothies that are so fashionable, fresh centrifuged. Coupled for example with mango and pineapple it is a thirst-quenching juice and very good for detoxifying our body. Be careful, however, not to remove the seeds that are rich in vitamin E and perfect for the kidneys. Let’s go back to the antioxidant power of the fruit.

We are talking about a fruit that is nothing short of miraculous, which stimulates cellular oxygenation making the skin luminous and shiny. In addition, watermelon helps relaxation of the nervous system thanks to the contribution of B vitamins and lycopene, which are also able to counteract cellular aging and tumors.

We are therefore talking about a detox diet in which watermelon is in first place but to be mixed in a balanced diet between proteins, fibers to reduce fat mass. Time is limited too, this is a 5 day maximum diet that can be repeated after a week off. During the diet it is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day, plus green tea (detoxifying and very draining, we talked about it a lot) and coffee.

The watermelon diet: 5 days detox

During breakfast it is recommended to eat 350 grams of watermelon with green tea, so as to start the day with the fibers that aid morning digestion and with the detoxifying power of both of our chosen foods. For both lunch and dinner, choose either vegetables rich in fiber or basic proteins such as chicken, lean meat and fish. At the end of each meal, eat a slice of watermelon.

After 5 days of this balanced diet it is possible, indeed certainly probable, that you will be able to lose weight.

Another very detoxifying way of looking at watermelon is to use watermelon water during the day which is prepared like this:

One and a half liters of water
Two bowls of diced watermelon
A good branch of mint leaves
The juice of one lemon
One lemon
Mix everything and leave the bottle in the fridge. Add water if you want the mixture to be more liquid and use it instead of water to drink and detoxify.
So did this idea of ​​using watermelon for weight loss convince you?
I am convinced that it is good, so my advice is to try it.
And you? Have you already tried it?
Have you tried watermelon water?
Tell me everything in the comments!

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