The vegetarian ketogenic diet or ketotarian diet

The vegetarian ketogenic diet or ketotarian diet

And we also found a name for the vegetarian ketogenic diet: in English defined ketotarian , in Italian we could say “ketotarian”, the vegetarian ketogenic diet is a way to reduce carbohydrates and lose weight without eating too many proteins and animal fats.

In short, a more sustainable, less harmful diet, at least according to Will Cole, an expert in functional medicine who wrote a book about this new diet. Explaining that you can lose weight without eating bacon for breakfast and steak for lunch. The ketotarian diet is not actually a vegetarian diet in the strict sense, but it is undoubtedly a “plant based” diet, ie in which the base of the food pyramid are foods of plant origin.

It can be done both as a vegan peach diet, that is with some foods of animal origin such as molluscs and seafood, and in a totally vegetarian key (eggs and cheeses) and finally vegan.
Let’s see it together.


In the vegetarian ketogenic diet, only 5% carbohydrates are consumed, while the proteins are not high, but they represent about 20% of the diet. The rest of the energy, therefore 75%, is supplied by fats.

It is a less restrictive diet in calories, which has the advantage of reducing hunger after a few days, although in the beginning like all diets with higher fat it is tough. In fact, fats provide 9 calories per gram, so the portions are satisfying but small. The type of food choice is crucial.

Cole explains that although tofu is low in carbohydrates, it should be avoided, as it provides too many phytoestrogens which can cause hormonal problems in the long run.
Those who want to do this diet in a purely vegan way should focus on fermented tofu or tempeh.

And finally he says to limit the use of vegetable seed oils, oilseeds and oily nuts, to avoid getting too many omega6, which release inflammatory cytokines. The ketotarian diet also excludes: eggplants, tomatoes and peppers (and obviously potatoes, but because they contain carbohydrates), or all the nightshades.

In short, the ketotarian diet is not a vegetarian ketogenic diet like the others. It is a diet that aims to reduce inflammation and help to have a good hormonal balance.

How Much Weight Do You Lose? About 2 kilos a week.

On the last page there are the suggested quantities for women and those for men, obviously they are examples. The ideal thing would be to set this kind of diet in a personalized way or even better with a nutritionist.
But what do you eat? Let’s see the foods allowed on page two, and a sample menu on page three.


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