In health without drugs: the new book by dr Ciro Vestita

In health without drugs: the new book by dr Ciro Vestita

It is called “In health without drugs” and is the new book by Dr. Ciro Vestita (BUR editions) and is presented as “the most complete guide to the remedies offered by nature”.

D for Diet has read it for you, and in this article we will see what it is.


As you know, Dr. Ciro Vestita is a well-known dietitian and phytotherapist, also for his appearances on TV. His latest book is a collection of notions on how food and everything that nature offers between plants and spices can do not only from a nutritional point of view but from a nutraceutical and health point of view.

For nutraceuticals we mean the functionality of certain foods on health, going to see those active ingredients that can act almost like drugs.

The book, written in collaboration with a team of doctors and professionals from various sectors, is in fact divided into three parts.

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Nella prima parte il dottor Vestita elenca una serie di alimenti che hanno una funzione nutraceutica.
Per ogni alimento veniamo quindi a sapere quali sono le sue proprietà, ma non solo.
Alla fine di ogni scheda sull’alimento troviamo delle curiosità storiche molto intriganti. Veniamo così a sapere, parlando di funghi, che il papa Borgia usava un liquore a base di un fungo velenoso per uccidere i suoi rivali. Oppure che Antonio Meucci, il celebre inventore italiano del primo prototipo di telefono, era anche un bravissimo cuoco.

There are indications on cooking methods, on food-based remedies to treat ailments, and not only on the vitamins and minerals present in each food, but also on secondary metabolic substances, such as antioxidants and other compounds of that food. It gives interesting information on milk, on oils, on the materials in which we cook the food, on the type of cooking, on some dishes of the poor tradition.

He explains that it is better to read the ingredients of biscuits passed off as healthy, rather than being tempted by the purchase immediately. The second part instead deals with the power of plants. And here we discover even more useful things. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO ).

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