The Sublime detox smoothie for weight loss

The Sublime detox smoothie for weight loss

A detoxifying smoothie with a name that is already a program: it’s called Sublime , and it’s a smoothie that should be drunk in place of lunch to lose weight, accompanied by a small low-fat yogurt.

Contains raw vegetables, citrus fruits and fresh spices for an excellent purifying combination, and is a real must for the summer. Ideal for filling up on vitamins and minerals such as potassium to deflate and reduce cellulite. Here is the recipe for the Sublime detox smoothie .

the juice of two lemons or one lemon and two limes
100 grams of orange (half an orange)
a handful of parsley, a handful of rocket and a handful of fresh spinach
200 grams of cucumber
a spoonful of honey
a teaspoon of hemp seeds or chia seeds
a piece of fresh ginger (about two cm) or a sprinkling of ginger in
2-3 ice cubes.

Procedure: blend all the ingredients in a blender. Let it rest for 5 minutes and drink immediately. Contains 175 calories.
It should be replaced at lunch to get immediate results, and at dinner it is better to prefer a protein meal.

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