The natural meal replacement diet for weight loss

The natural meal replacement diet for weight loss

How to lose weight using meal replacements?

In many articles I had already talked about the problems of all those weight loss programs that involve the purchase of replacement meals to lose weight.

The idea of ​​replacing a meal with a low-calorie product can be a great way to lose weight, but it forces people to buy bars and shakes, and weight loss plans are often drastic, so you lose weight, but the risk of weight loss. take it back is very high.

And at that point what do you do? He goes back to bars and shakes, continuing to spend money indefinitely.

For the past two months, I have therefore written a book on meal replacements.

The book The Meal Replacement Diet explains the limitations of corporate meal replacements and weight loss packages that are not personalized, and how you can lose weight using this method without spending money, learning to eat right the rest of the time, making your own. replacement meals starting from fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, and protein foods that can be chosen and changed according to your needs, for example if you follow a vegan diet.

With the Meal Replacement Diet anyone can understand how and how much weight they can lose starting from their daily metabolism, and choose between three balanced weight loss schemes in which you can vary with food. There are also options for those who want to go out of their way every now and then.

For faster weight loss, just choose the lowest calorie plan.

However, for weight loss without regaining weight, it is better to choose the right plan starting from your metabolism.

In this way you lose two kilos a month, maintenance will be natural and easy, and you will be able to resort to new meals replacements only when you get very hard, for example after the holidays or after a vacation.

In addition to the recipes for substitute meals, there are recipes for low-calorie desserts and small light meals that allow us to vary the program, and small fitness tips to do even at home: lastly, three bomb-proof recipes of detoxifying waters to increase the success of the diet and purify the body.

The Meal Replacement Diet can only be found on my website or on Amazon.

You can download the program in pdf and you can print it or keep it on your pc.
Having worked on it for two months, the download is not free but costs less than five euros if you choose the pdf.

On Amazon you will find the paper book instead, and it costs less than ten euros.


  • Find it here:  Dcomedieta’s Diet of Meal Replacement


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