The snake diet: the new madness for weight loss

The snake diet: the new madness for weight loss

Finally the section “Diets to avoid” is being populated with new weird diets: after the Cinderella diet, the snake diet is the new fad diet , that is a lightning and drastic diet. But is it just contraindicated for people to avoid it? No, also because in fact the snake diet is not a totally far-fetched diet. Sylicon Valley engineers have been following a similar protocol for a few years and have all lost weight , they say. Another protocol similar to the snake diet is that of the famous ” Warrior’s Diet ” which I have talked about here . Basically: The snake diet is a form of intermittent fasting.
Which is based on just one meal a day. In which, however, you have to binge. And quickly too.

The idea is to have only one high-calorie and abundant meal a day, in a time window of up to two hours. But it is advisable to eat everything in much less time, even in half an hour or ten minutes . 
So: in the snake’s diet you have a maximum of two hours to eat everything you want. Then? For the remaining twenty-two hours, you are fasting, apart from drinking calorie-free soft drinks. Exactly like snakes, which gorge themselves fearfully only once a day. And that they don’t even have diet sodas available the rest of the time.
Why does it make you lose weight so much? And why is it contraindicated?
The snake diet is a low carb or zero carb diet . You can eat anything you want, as long as your meal is high in fat and protein, and has no carbohydrates other than a large side of vegetables. So you’re on double ketogenic : a high-fat, carbohydrate-free meal ketogenic and a long fast-induced ketogenic as well.

But there is no end to this plague of Egypt: yes, because before following the snake diet you must fast for two days, in which you drink water rich in mineral salts and a little known whole salt. such as Snake Water , or snake water. Do you lose weight? Of course. Even if you put yourself on the scale with only one foot, you have lost weight. And in fact, those who follow the Snake diet lose 4 to 5 kilos per week. The creator of the diet, Cole Robinson , “wellness coach” has seen the popularity of this weight loss strategy grow on Instagram. Cole himself says that the snake diet makes you lose weight because it increases your metabolism: he explains it in his many youtube videos in which he screams, I don’t know why.
While he is there he also makes fun of doctors and nutritionists. In short, all fools. And also some of his customers who fainted on this diet and ended up gorging themselves on sweets after five days. He has no doubts, it’s their fault.

But let’s get back to the effectiveness of the snake diet. 
– ketogenic diets do not increase metabolism . There is no scientific evidence of a metabolic advantage of carbohydrate-free diets.
– ketogenic diets lead to weight loss because ketosis reduces hunger. Eat less, introduce less food and lose weight.
– most of the weight lost that seems to us to be greater than on a normal diet is water. The carbohydrates we eat make us retain water. You remove carbohydrates and the body loses water, which means it tends to become dehydrated. Except for flab, which contains less water than muscles, blood and organs. In fact, one gram of carbohydrates makes us retain about two to three and a half grams of water. More than half of the human body of an adult is made up of water. Lose the water and wow, the scale drops 3 kilos a week with the ketogenic. Resume eating as a thinking being and voila: the body takes back the lost water.
If you have reduced calories in all of this, some of the weight lost will not be regained. If, on the other hand, you haven’t cut down on calories, whether you eat one or ten times a day doesn’t matter. You are always the one. The fat remained.
– ketogenic diets cannot be continued for a long time, for a number of reasons. They depress the thyroid, increase cortisol, are not sustainable in the long term. Furthermore, the body refines itself to burning fat for energy purposes (which does not mean losing weight: it means that the fats you take in your meal serve as an energy source), and it loses its affinity with carbohydrates.
The moment you start eating carbohydrates again, if you don’t do it little by little, you risk gaining weight.
– ketogenic diets can therefore be useful for:
– losing weight if they make you feel less hungry and result in less food ingested.
– lose weight if continued for a short time (from one to two months), but followed by an intelligent maintenance plan and with the gradual introduction of carbohydrates.
– lose weight if you are rewarded by the decrease in the scale and thus continue to eat less.
In all other cases, they are contraindicated and do not lead to more weight loss than a low calorie diet with carbohydrates.
In short: the weight can deceive us. Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight, and the sooner we understand this simple concept, the less enslaved we will be to diets like the snake diet.

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