Singer Kelly Clarkson loses 17 pounds like this

Singer Kelly Clarkson loses 17 pounds like this

Singer Kelly Clarkson is in all the newspapers recently: the reason is her weight loss. She would have lost 17 pounds in a few months, without a restrictive diet and without even exercising, as she admitted herself on Instagram. What would she have done instead of her? She would have given up on lectins.
Yes, she would have followed the advice of Dr. Steven Gundry , who in his bestseller I have already told you about , The Plant Paradox (The Plant Paradox) explains that it is not true that all good comes from nature. On the contrary. Not all vegetables, cereals and natural foods such as legumes are our friends. They contain some substances which are called antinutrients, because they bind important minerals to them and can cause intestinal problems.

Specifically, Gundry explains how to lose weight, improve one’s health and digestion by reducing lectins, including gluten. We find lectins in many plants, many fruits, cereals and legumes. Similarly, he warns of a casein , A1, which is found in cow’s milk, but in much lower quantities in buffalo and goat milk.

Professor Gundry, head of the Center for Restorative Medicine, has studied the human microbiome, or bacterial flora, for 14 years: the Plant Paradox is a book that comes out of all these years of study and 30 years of work in the field with patients.  Clarkson would follow the method described in the book: her thyroid would be reborn and she would naturally lose 17 pounds. In his book, Dr. Gundry explains a phased program in which foods containing lectins are first eliminated, then some are added, but prepared in different ways to neutralize these antinutrients, and in quantities to be customized. Among the foods to be eliminated in the first phase:cow’s milk and dairy products, legumes, whole grains, cereals and products that contain gluten, some vegetables and some fruits, nuts and oil seeds, soy products such as tofu, corn. And obviously all the seeds and peels of plants: pumpkin or tomato seeds, the peels of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and potatoes should never be eaten as well as all fruit peels. Instead, go ahead for avocado, white rice in moderation, broccoli, cabbage, rocket, mushrooms, asparagus as long as they are always cooked; olives, olive oil, goat cheese and coconut milk, meat, fish and eggs as long as organic, pumpkin and tubers cooked without peels. Fruit, yes, but peeled.
Only when the intestine is reborn, you can go back to a more varied diet, as long as you know how to cook food properly to reduce lectins.

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