The secret to losing weight without a diet

The secret to losing weight without a diet

The secret to losing weight without a diet? Scientists from the DIETFITS project (Diet Intervention Examining The Factors Interacting with Treatment Success) at the Standford Reasearch Center, who recently published their results in the journal Jama , tell us . It doesn’t matter if you cut back on carbs or fat to lose weight. There are no genetic difficulties. The secret to losing weight is choosing the right foods. 

You can lose weight without a diet, as long as yours is a healthy diet that focuses on nutritional quality and not on the quantity of food. In fact , following a sample of over six hundred participants for a year, the researchers found that both a reduced-fat diet and a reduced-carbohydrate diet worked effectively even without any particular calorie restrictions imposed (5 kilos and three kilos of average loss). for the first, 6 for the second), provided that a single parameter was respected in both diets , namely the choice of healthy and natural foods, and the limitation of industrial and processed foods. The researchers pushed the participants not to focus on calories, but on an optimal choice of foods and, for those on a low-fat diet, to keep to 20 grams of fat per day, for those on a reduced-carbohydrate diet on 20 grams net (approximately).

In the case of the low-fat diet, these preferred foods were whole grains, fruits and vegetables, legumes, lean meats and fish, and skimmed dairy products. In the case of the low-carbohydrate diet, olive oil, almonds and walnuts, salmon and fatty fish, avocados, vegetables, oilseed butters, aged cheeses and local and non-intensive farmed meat.
The participants were not given any other indications, and the researchers thus demonstrated that the secret to losing weight lies in the quality of the diet and that the more natural you eat, the less you have to worry about calories, grams and servings.
This is because the more natural the diet, the less you tend to overdo it!

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