Ketogenic diet, the most common mistakes

Ketogenic diet, the most common mistakes

What is the ketogenic diet? It is a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat, moderate-protein diet. To be clear, carbohydrates make up 5/10% of the total daily requirement, proteins 15/20% and fats 65/75%. The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to exploit the lipid metabolism to lose weight through a process known as ketosis (absolutely a normal metabolic process), whereby our body gets energy through fats , indeed, more precisely through ketones, which are produced in the liver starting precisely from fats.
Ketones therefore represent an alternative energy to carbohydrates.
When this happens, in a process known as fat-adaptation,  you feel less hungry , so one of the advantages of the ketogenic diet, when the body has completely adapted to the state of ketosis, is to make you feel less hungry . unlike diets that exclude both carbohydrates and fats such as Dukan and to still feel energetic or efficient, after the first few days in which adverse effects are possible, such as weakness, dizziness, etc.
For this reason, it is best to always rely on a medical professional to do the ketogenic diet correctly.

loss occurs for two reasons: on the one hand we deflate excess fluids (this already in the first days of the diet), because the carbohydrates in the diet retain more liquid, and once we have ruled them out, the swelling from water retention goes away. The second reason is that, by optimizing the lipid metabolism, the body also exploits the reserve fats, so there is a lipolytic effect. The ketogenic diet, in spite of many clichés, is not antiphysiological, and in the short to medium term it causes you to lose more weight, in general, than a diet with carbohydrates. It is also safer for health than a traditional low carb in which both carbohydrates and fats are excludedand you end up eating too much protein . The ideal would be to have a ketogenic diet for about 6-12 weeks maximum, and then reintroduce carbohydrates very slowly. In this gradual way, that is, by lowering the amount of fat a little at a time and increasing that of carbohydrates to 25 grams per week, the weight lost is not regained. It has been seen that doing the ketogenic diet in a limited period of time is not only not bad for your health if you are healthy even if overweight, but this diet improves metabolic efficiency, the immune system and increases longevity. However, many people fail to understand what a ketogenic diet is exactly.

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