The scheme for burning calories without going on a diet

The scheme for burning calories without going on a diet

Calories matter to lose weight.
At the moment, the only scientifically proven way to lose weight is the CICO, or the Calories In Calories Out system. In other words: if we want to lose weight we must create a calorie deficit.
This doesn’t necessarily mean cutting calories, but burning more calories than we consume.
Therefore it is by no means certain that it is necessary to reduce the portions. You can also lose weight with activity, as long as you don’t recover at the table. We see this with this calorie burning scheme that is not about diet.

Yes. With this 6-point scheme we can push our body to burn calories without drastically reducing what we eat in order to create the right calorie deficit.
It is a really effective, simple scheme, which in the long run can allow us to achieve a healthy weight without going crazy with diets and diets especially if they are not for us.


This scheme allows us both to improve the metabolism and to burn more calories but be careful: you need to do all these things to succeed and not forget one and prefer another. In short, it is the synergy that works!

1) Get 6 and a half to eight and a half hours of sleep a night.
These hours must be as continuous as possible, without awakening. Those who fail must take steps to succeed; for example, unplug all digital devices an hour before going to bed, take an herbal tea or chamomile tea, sleep in a dark room, at a slightly lower temperature than the other rooms.
Clearly the more we rest, the better our metabolism will react. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO )

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