Is the keto diet not working? I’ll explain why

Is the keto diet not working? I’ll explain why

You are on the keto diet, but after an initial hooray because you have seen the scales go down by two kilos in a few days, you have not obtained or are not getting notable results, and now you are in a panic: resume eating as before, knowing that in the meantime the Will your body not be able to manage carbohydrates well, or continue undeterred hoping to drop?

I have done the ketogenic diet several times: personally it is not an approach that I recommend , not for more than four weeks, and even at the beginning it is always good to start a few days earlier by reducing the intake of carbohydrates before doing a real keto diet , to minimize the side effects of the first few days. Headache, weakness, dizziness, pressure in the heels, hunger for sweets.
You need to know that the body does not like drastic dietary changes. That said, there are other mistakes that you may be making without knowing it . And these mistakes in the keto diet are fatal:they can take you away from the results and not lead you to a real weight loss, since the initial weight loss is due to the loss of fluids. In fact, to manage carbohydrates, the body retains water, and this is perfectly normal. The keto diet tends to make us lose these fluids, and along with them too many minerals. This also explains the side effect of weakness.

But if you’re on the keto diet and don’t notice great results, here’s what you’re wrong:
– you don’t count calories: there’s this die-hard myth that you cut carbs and magically lose weight. The truth is, if you cut down on carbohydrates, your body will use fat as an energy resource. And if you eat too much, you get fat. So yes, even if you go on the keto diet you have to cut calories if you want to lose weight.
– you eat too many fatty foods:relative of point one. The keto diet is not bathing in mayonnaise. Fat must be 65-75% of your diet. But fat also contains nine calories per gram. If you thought you were going on the keto diet with cheese tastings, bacon for breakfast and eight eggs, steaks with guacamole and sundaes of mascarpone or cream for dessert, we’re not really there. – you are already stressed about yours: the keto diet increases cortisol. This means that if you are or are already feeling stressed, cutting out carbohydrates will only get worse. In two weeks and you will be bloated and exhausted and with a snail-like metabolism. – eat hidden carbohydrates

even vegetables should be limited if you do the keto. As well as dairy products. Net carbohydrates must not exceed 5% of daily calories, or a maximum of ten percent. No lemon juice, no vegetables, just leafy greens. And no alcohol, sauces that contain excess carbohydrates, nuts or seeds, etc. The labels must be read carefully.
– you eat too much protein: guys, I’m sorry to kill your enthusiasm like this, but until your body adjusts to use fat effectively, you will go hungry. The keto diet is never protein or high protein. Indeed, the need for protein is reduced. This is because the body uses them to convert them into sugars. A good rule of thumb is to stick to a maximum of 20% of your daily calories in protein foods.
– genetics are not on your side: there are people who can do low-fat diets and feel great. People who, on the other hand, if they cut fats swell and have digestive problems. Fat is a terribly subjective matter. Some fail on keto because they simply can’t handle excess fat. I’ve had proof of this dozens and dozens of times. Bad breath, regularity problems, excessive nausea can be alarm bells.

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