The raw food diet transforms you

The raw food diet transforms you

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaramvideo on the raw food diet has been around the net in recent days, totaling over one million and three hundred thousand views: in the video, a girl named  Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, blogger and famous vegan (she has a youtube channel called “fully raw “Or” fully / totally raw “) , claims to have managed to change the color of the eyes , going from a dark brown, which she defines as” coffee color “, to very light blue-green eyes. All this would have been, according to her, a side effect of the raw vegan diet. Despite many comments, telling her that it is impossible for the diet to change a genetic characteristic that is fixed (unless trauma), another follower and supporter of the vegan raw food diet, Steve “Pure energy” Factor, also states that after years of vegan and raw food, her irises would change color. In the video, which you can view at this address , you can clearly see the before and after photos of the girl : from before she became raw and vegan (hazel eyes) to close-ups of her eyes as she explains her transformation Her. I don’t believe in miracles, so I refrain from commenting on anything. What do you think about it instead?

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