Five things not to say to those on a diet

Five things not to say to those on a diet

cosedietaOk, this is a semi-serious article : it will make you laugh, because it will seem absurd that things are exactly like this, yet it is true. If you decide to go on a diet, these are the five things people will tell you when they know. If, on the other hand, you have already been on a diet (and not just a slimming diet: if you have ever changed your diet, take new habits, become vegetarians, raw food eaters, vegans or other things, in that case, open up heaven!), Then you will know perfectly well I’m not kidding. These are the five things dieters hear most oftenand they are also the things that anyone close to or dating a person on a diet should never say again. In general, in fact, it would be a good rule to worry if the dieter is seriously compromising his health: often, however, friends, relatives, partners tend to mask other reasons behind the worry. Envy, a sense of inferiority, jealousy that turn into sabotage attempts. Here’s how:
– What do you want a bite to be?: What do you want a bite of dessert if you are on a diet, meat if you are a vegetarian? Phrase absolutely to be avoided: simply because the other is trained to consider the cheating as a matter of mental elasticity. It is offensive to all those people who also do not have only health reasons behind their choices. Furthermore, precisely because a bite is nothing, it is generally not enough.

– What the hell are you prepared for? (also said: How do you eat certain stuff?): Perfect, learn to mind your own business. If you really can’t be happy that your friend or girlfriend is on a diet, avoid pointing out your point of view on what she has on her plate.
– You on a diet? You do not need it!:This sentence is often incorrect and untrue. Most of the population is overweight. Unless we are dealing with a disturbed person, most people who go on a diet have good reasons for doing so. Both aesthetic and health. The compliment thrown there does not help them, on the contrary, it is often a means to cut off their legs.

– When will you go back to eating normally? In general, these are also dieters’ problems. If she has chosen a good diet then I will change my eating habits forever and hopefully for the better. Then give me a definition of “eating normally”: how sure are you that the way you eat is a correct diet? I still (and I have a diet blog) I’m sure I could have an even healthier diet than I do.
– Didn’t you say you were on a diet? If there is one thing that the dieter might latch on to the jugular, it is being judged when indulging in a cheat. It will be the cabbage of her. Going too far will put on weight or spoil your diet. In order not to give her the spade to her self-esteem, why rage? In addition, many people have a free meal in their meal plan. Again: mind your own business!

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