The principles of the Pegan diet, the healthy paleo-vegan diet

The principles of the Pegan diet, the healthy paleo-vegan diet

I had already told you about the Pegan diet, a newly conceived diet, similar to the pescovegan diet, which includes two distinct and almost opposite diets : the Paleo diet and the vegan diet.
In fact, we know that the Paleo diet in itself is a diet rich in proteins of animal origin, since legumes and whole grains are excluded: as long as the foods of animal origin are not intensively farmed, the Paleo diet also includes being able to consume oilseeds and oilseeds (apart from peanuts).
On the contrary, the vegan diet excludes any animal product. How to combine these two diets for a healthier and more balanced approach?Here is a summary of how the Pegan diet was born, a transition diet, we can say, or flexitarian: you eat meat and fish, you eat legumes once in a while, you eat much more vegetables than in the traditional paleo approach and fewer oil seeds; but you are also granted some yogurt and pseudocereals (quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat) and some gluten-free cereals (rice).
What comes out is a plan that has as its common denominator the fact of being able to consume only minimally processed foods, foods at km 0, in season, very few sugars, to make a diet as natural as possible that however does not exclude entire categories of foods. A good compromise from which a healthy and actually slimming diet comes out.
On page two we see the principles of the Pegan diet for weight loss, according to Dr. Hyman.   

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