Swollen belly, does it matter the number of meals?

Swollen belly, does it matter the number of meals?

Swollen belly, despite diet, calorie and macronutrient calculation, healthy food, exercise . Swollen belly that makes it seem like all the efforts you are making to lose weight are, in reality, useless. How many find themselves in this situation? Today I propose to you the testimony of a girl who claims to have managed to deflate her belly considerably by changing a single habit. That is the number of meals. Gina Florio, in anticipation of her wedding, explains in a detailed article complete with before and after photos, that she had tried intermittent fasting and that it was enough to reduce the daily meals to have enormous results on the swollen stomach: that she would have disappeared.
Let me be clear: Gina was already doing a gym and a healthy diet. But the results in aesthetic terms did not come due to the abdominal swelling.
Now, the reason why intermittent fasting can help us if we have a swollen belly is simple: those who have digestive problems, or suffer from slow digestion, still have the food on their stomach from the previous meal at snack time. And clearly the snack affects the digestion of all food, complicating it.
This would not happen if we had a very very light snack, for example based on vegetables: ok, but who has a snack with half a cucumber? Gina explains that she has been fasting intermittently for three months,

Monday to Friday, stopping eating at four in the afternoon and starting the next morning at eight. It was hard for her to get used to it at first, but seeing her swollen belly disappear without changing calories gave Gina the push to keep going.
If, like her, you have trouble digesting everything, trying to avoid snacks by focusing on main meals can be a way to reduce bloating and improve digestion: whoever wants to can then try a simplified intermittent fast, limiting themselves to eating little at dinner ( a salad, a plate of cooked vegetables) and see how it is.

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