The pranotherapist, who he is and what he does

The pranotherapist, who he is and what he does

The pranotherapist  works through the apposition of the hands both at a short distance and in surface contact on specific areas of the body with specific techniques, to stimulate the person’s vital processes. Let’s find out better.

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What the pranotherapist does

The pranotherapist knows in depth the  bio-electromagnetic functions of the organism, the laws of bioenergetic homeostasis and of the field interaction – or passage of prana (a supposed “vital breath”) – between human beings as understood by the great oriental philosophies . He works  through the placing of hands  in order to maintain and strengthen the state of well-being and bioenergetic balance. The pranotherapist does not cure and cannot cure in the medical sense of the term, since as a therapeutic practice, pranotherapy has not yet had any scientific evidence on its effectiveness, with the exception of the placebo effect.

According to the supporters of this practice, the pranotherapist would be able to feel the alterations of the patient’s “energy field” and, as a person endowed with an above-average energy , to correct these imbalances by transferring part of his energy quotient to the client. The most widespread theory among professionals is in fact that pranotherapy is the effect of a bioelectromagnetic interaction . All living creatures emit electromagnetic radiation, which depends on a number of factors. The greatest emission occurs at wavelengths around fifteen micrometers, and is perceptible, over short distances, by sufficiently sensitive and concentrated people.


The benefits, techniques and contraindications of pranotherapy



Become a pranotherapist

The first thing to do and experience, try to understand if you are a pranotherapist , or if you have the necessary personal requirements, that is a powerful energy and a spirit capable of deep listening.

There are some schools and courses for pranotherapists , but often of dubious seriousness. A good starting point is to read books on pranotherapy and hear the opinion of well-known pranotherapists. You can also think of contacting a pranotherapist and asking specific questions, always first guessing if the person can be trusted and trying to understand the quality of the work carried out.



According to Pranotherapy , the best medicine that humanity has is man himself .


Useful resources on the profession of pranotherapist

  • Association of bio-pranotherapy, prano-practice and naturopathy “Archigymnasium Luigi Lapi ad Reparandam Omoestasim”  (ALARO)
  • National Association of Italian Sensitive Pranotherapists (ANPSI)


Pranotherapy and our 4-legged friends


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