Developing Qi

Developing Qi

We understand what it means to develop Qi starting from the “energy reservoirs”, the masters, by exploring how Qi Gong is lived in China today, a practice that children and the elderly indifferently dedicate themselves to in the morning

Developing Qi

Directing the energy that flows within us, increasing it, conserving it. Talking about things that are not seen, such as subtle energies, is a bit like entering a minefield, full of pitfalls, with detractors and skeptics always lurking.

Starting from real data (we would then have to define what is meant by “real”), let’s find out something more about the energy taken into consideration by traditional Chinese medicine known as Qi and the work that can be done to create and preserve it. , Qi Gong (or Chi Kung ).


The masters, “reservoirs” of Qi

Many Chinese masters are “healthy carriers” of Qi (Ch’i) ; they have it in such a high quantity and dose that it can be distributed and used for treatments and therapies aimed at those who suffer from disorders due to stagnation, stasis, excess or deficiency of Qi.

We recommend, if you understand English, this video on Qi Gong focused on the figure of a master unapproachable by the camera, whose real name is unknown (by convention he is identified with the nickname John Chang ), known for that immense ” Qi reservoir “which is his body: with the simple laying on of hands, he can shake the patient internally and move his internal energy. The brother of the director of the video is struck by a serious eye infection and this is how the two come across this character.

When asked where all this energy comes from, if it is a natural gift, something that has to do with his special nature, the teacher, with his humble smile, explains how much this power is linked to his daily sessions. of meditation . But why should meditation lead to an increase in Qi ? How? And where would this energy be found, which then flows throughout the body?


Dan tien , seat of Qi

Qi resides in the Dan tien (Chinese: Dāntián 丹田), a few cm below the navel (exactly 3.5 inches). It is no coincidence that in the video we have mentioned, that area of ​​the master’s body is literally hot, releases incandescent energy. This power reaches such high stages in some subjects that it allows them to burn pieces of paper or flammable objects with the laying on of hands alone.

The point, however, the crux of the matter, certainly does not lie in this; we can safely use lighters for common and daily uses. Putting aside the irony, it is appropriate to understand that the internal energy, the breath of life is of inestimable importance for our relationships with others , with ourselves, for the actions we perform and the way in which we move in the world, the choices we make.


Qi Gong in China today

To understand how Qi Gong lived in China today, just imagine that millions of Chinese normally practice Qi Gong in the morning , that qualified physiotherapists perform internal energy transfers . There are specific Qi gong exercises for children; gorgeous miniature men and women (aged 5 to 18) take part in group Qi Gong sessions to develop or improve skills related to memory and concentration; some even manage to let go of eyeglasses through Qi Gong exercises .

Not only that: professors and researchers in physics at the university conduct experiments on energized and non-energized hamsters , to test their resistance and ability to move in water. These experiments then find applications in general medicine and oncology.

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