The planet-saving diet: the slimming menu

The planet-saving diet: the slimming menu

The planet-saving diet, which I discussed in this article , is a diet rich in whole grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables, which was launched by The Lancet magazine’s EAT Commission earlier this year, and which was adopted by Canada for new nutrition guidelines.

At the base of the planet-saving diet, a reduction in the consumption of meat, fish, and some types of dairy products, as well as industrial products.
However, this is not a vegan diet.

Simply, to reduce CO2 and methane emissions and reduce water waste worldwide, the EAT Commission has issued indications for a more “reasoned” consumption of certain foods.

In this article we see a slimming menu of planet-saving diet to lose 4 kilos per month.
But first let’s see the maximum recommended quantities in a day and which foods to choose.


In one day , here are the foods that can be eaten , according to a standard caloric requirement of approximately 2000/2500 calories per woman / man.


Up to 160 grams (raw weight) of whole grains including basmati rice, brown rice, oats, polenta, rye, or false grains such as buckwheat, amaranth, millet.
Max 50 grams per day of potatoes or sweet potatoes or tapioca or 100 grams per day of carrots, beets, Jerusalem artichokes, celeriac. About 250 grams per day of greens and vegetables, which must be varied according to color. 160 grams per day of fruit. One hundred and sixty grams per day of milk and (low-fat) dairy products, but some aged cheese may be included in this count. 100 grams per day of animal protein from fish, white meats, eggs. 40 grams per day of legumes (dry weight).

About 60 grams per day of soy foods, nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds should not exceed about 20 grams per day.
3 tablespoons of olive oil or other monounsaturated fats, such as cocoa, olives, avocado.
Maximum two tablespoons a day of sugars including cane sugar, honey, jams.
To drink: herbal teas, a little coffee (1-2 cups), a little tea.

These are the maximum quantities according to the planet-saving diet.
Let’s now see a slimming menu that is in line with these recommendations: an ecological diet of 1200-1300 calories, which makes us lose weight with an eye to the environment.

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