The New Year’s Diet according to Dr. Oz

The New Year’s Diet according to Dr. Oz

How to lose weight if we ate too much during the holidays and want to review our diet in a healthier perspective for the new year?
Doctor Mehmet Oz has no doubts and spoke of it not in his famous show, The dr. Oz Show, but in an exclusive interview.
The New Year’s diet according to Dr. Oz is based on a single rule, but according to him it is the most effective for losing weight and staying in perfect health. In short, no complicated menus and plans or recipes to follow. Here’s what Oz revealed in the interview.


He called it the most revolutionary and effective thing to do to lose weight, and he said that in his many years of nutrition, according to him, this is the winning move to lose weight.
What, you ask? Eat at your own circadian rhythm. This new year’s one-rule diet is similar to intermittent fasting, explains Oz, but leaves a lot more freedom.
In summary, according to Oz, the only thing to do is this.

Eat when it’s sunny, stop eating when it gets dark.
If you really can’t fast from afternoon to evening, you can drink a cup of meat or vegetable broth or a very light vegetable cream, without legumes or potatoes and without oil, but preferring leafy vegetables (spinach, chard, escarole) or low-carbohydrate vegetables such as zucchini, asparagus, broccoli.
When it’s sunny, you can eat whatever you want but no simple sugars apart from fruit. So no sugar apart from fruit, not even in desserts. Sugar should be replaced with stevia or other natural sweeteners.
It is the diet without diet of the new year, precise, the one that allows you to lose weight with a single rule.
So yes to breakfast, snacks and lunch up to a small snack if it’s still sunny.

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