Social Diet 2019, the new free path

Social Diet 2019, the new free path

And let’s go back to talking about the Social Diet, the dietary and training path with the advice of Dr. Pier Luigi Rossi, expert in nutrition and president of the Social Diet Scientific Committee.

But also of many other professionals who are part of the team. From coach Jill Cooper, to Domenico Cognini, Enza Paola Cela and Lucia Giovannini, who deal with the psychotherapeutic and motivational side, to chef Giuseppe Capano for the recipes. But what exactly is the Social Diet?


As already written in previous years, Dieta Social is a collective dietary path that was born, precisely, thanks to social networks, with fb groups in which to register for free and subscriptions for those who want to continue to lose weight after the free weeks.
The goal of Dieta Social is to teach a balanced and conscious diet.
Born from an idea of ​​Rosanna Lambertucci, and with the advice of Dr. Pier Luigi Rossi, Dieta Social has grown over the years, since her departure in 2016, and today the journalist Stefania De Napoli, an expert in lifestyle and wellness.


You register on fb, in one of the dedicated groups, and you can thus follow one of the free itineraries, with menus that arrive by e-mail, for a week . These courses are not available every month, so I recommend that you subscribe to the main group Dieta Social Italia on fb, in order to always be updated.
The new free weight loss program starts on January 7, 2019, then there will be others, but if you want to start this free week, I recommend you sign up here right away.
Or subscribe directly from fb on the Dieta Social Start 2019 page .

But after the free trial week ends, what do you do?

If you liked the route, then you can subscribe to the Dieta Social service. There are subscriptions for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.
The price starts from 36 euros (3 months) to around 93 euros for the whole year.
The subscription includes recipes with replacements, menus per week, access to a free app and to a group called Dieta Social Master Club with which to exchange opinions and receive assistance.

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