The Monday diet: 1 day detox diet

The Monday diet: 1 day detox diet

There is no self-respecting diet that doesn’t start on Monday,

How could the opposite be on the other hand….

Today I would like to tell you about a detox diet that lasts only one day.

This one-day detox diet has a bit of the same principle as the diet I have already told you about, that is, the official detox  diet  and it doesn’t even resemble a well-known cleansing diet like the aloe vera one .

The detox diet in question lasts one day, precisely, and consists of making a purifying day starting the week with a series of smoothies and vegetables that lead the body to detoxify.

Now here on the word detoxification of the body there would be something to tell. You know very well that I find myself in a bit of trouble with the idea that our body needs a cleansing diet to do something it does naturally without any outside help.

But even in this case, since it is only one day and not a prolonged treatment, it is a test that can be safely done. In the coming days, however, the rule of common sense applies.

It is clear that if on Monday you make the effort to eat little or nothing if on Tuesday you start your day with double eggs and double bacon and then fast food, you will not solve your purification problems a lot and you would immediately regain that kilo. you should have lost just fluids the day before.

The Monday diet: 1 day detox diet

Monday is therefore the day dedicated to purification, where calories are provided above all by plant foods with diuretic, detoxifying and purifying properties such as our beloved green tea. I have already spoken several times about this drink that I am in love with. Green tea purifies, detoxifies, energizes, but above all it is rich in catechins which have great antioxidant power. In this way, by regulating your day with proportionate meals and a series of herbal teas you can lose even 1 kilo and from Tuesday to Sunday, without maniacally controlling every blessed calorie but being careful about what you eat, you only have to limit certain foods such as sausages. and desserts and prefer wholemeal vegetables, fish, bread and pasta.

The Monday diet: 1 day detox diet

Let’s take an example on Monday.

The first thing to do in the morning is to drink a glass of water with lemon. Because? This has already been explained but I can’t wait to tell you again: lemon with water is extraordinary, it gives a crazy acceleration to our metabolism in the early morning and makes our intestines energetic. So please start your day right.

Here’s a possible Monday:

2 jars of natural white yogurt, green tea
1 glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice
150g of salad Mixed raw vegetables
120g of boiled potatoes
Purifying herbal tea with 1 tablespoon of honey
200g of fresh fruit
After dinner
Purifying herbal tea with 1 spoon of honey

From Tuesday to Sunday, just check what you eat, without overdoing it with too fatty foods and with fatty sausages and cheeses and refined sugars.

Tell me what you think in the comments? I’m very curious!

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