Is Eating Popcorn Bad? What if I told you it makes you lose weight?

Is Eating Popcorn Bad? What if I told you it makes you lose weight?

There is no movie without popcorn!

At least in the collective imagination.

Every time I take my daughter to the cinema, the first request she makes is to buy her popcorn.


There is a food that we know little or nothing about, a snack that we only think about when we enter a cinema to watch a movie: popcorn.

But is eating popcorn bad for you?

Or does the one taken in the cinema with all the butter, the caramel and all that salt hurt?

What if I told you, yes to you, that popcorn makes you lose weight ?

Yes, that’s right.

Here, of course, we are talking in general.

It may also be that you are intolerant to popcorn and therefore it hurts you very badly (for this reason, whenever possible, I always try to recommend a personalized diet because each person is different) but, it is really surprising how many nutritional and slimming capacities they have. the popcorn.

But let’s see specifically.

What is popcorn?

Eating Popcorn Hurts What if I told you it makes you lose weight: what is popcorn

The famous popcorn is nothing more than a variety of corn, the specific name is Zea Mays Everta  and is just very similar to corn on the cob.

The major producers of popcorn at the moment are found in those states of the American Midwest that are called the Corn Belt  .

But how is it that corn becomes pop that is crackling?

Inside the corn kernel is a small amount of oil and a small amount of moisture.

Once the seeds are brought to a temperature of 180 degrees, the pressure from the inside cuts the outer shell of the grain and explodes in the white cloud that we all know.

It is considered to be the oldest snack in the world .

The Aztecs, already 5600 years ago, ate it and used it to decorate and create wreaths in common ceremonies.

The properties of popcorn

Eating Popcorn Hurts What if I told you it makes you lose weight: the properties of popcorn

It’s amazing how many properties popcorn has.

First of all, it is low in calories (31 for 180 grams).

It is very low in fat but does not serve as a meal replacement, it is too low in protein.

Best to use it as a healthy snack.

It strengthens digestion because it is rich in fiber and then because it is not a refined cereal but whole wheat.

It is a perfectly healthy snack because it is low on the glycemic index, it does not contain sodium and sugar, it is gluten free and it is full of antioxidant properties being rich in polyphenols such as blueberries.

Obviously, as I told you before, a popcorn drowned in butter with 2 kilos of salt is certainly not the recommended snack I am talking about, but left healthy, with a few drops of oil, a little salt, some spice, or a little cinnamon or a little chocolate powder, well, why not.

Better than eating a packaged snack that’s high in sugar and fat.


Did you see what a nice surprise to learn a little bit about popcorn?

The nice soft cloud that accompanies us during the projections is a healthy food, a perfect snack to make our life better and healthier.

Just season it a little or season it with just the right amount, this is the difference.

And then let’s remember that it can be perfect for weight loss.

Incredible, huh?

Sometimes the most unexpected solutions are the ones that give us the most satisfaction, let’s try them!

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