The list of foods deflates belly according to Dcomedieta

The list of foods deflates belly according to Dcomedieta

I was recently asked twice to make a list of tummy-flat foods according to my experience as a bio-nutritionist, and also my own experience.

Having suffered from irritable bowel disease for years and intestinal dysbiosis , every time I’m stressed, the emergency plan is triggered for me to avoid having an inflamed bowel.

These are things that can happen to everyone: but those who have intestinal problems or have suffered from them like me for years, at the first signs of something wrong, must run for cover.

This is my list of tummy-flat foods that make the diet digestible and allow me to quickly reduce inflammation. I usually eat these foods for a week, after which I introduce more foods a little at a time, but in controlled doses.

I always do this because I believe that drugs for those with intestinal problems should only be used in the event of an extreme emergency, but they must never be our safe haven.
The less drugs you take the better.


Carbohydrates and starchy vegetables.

At breakfast. Oat flakes (max 40 grams) for porridge, blue pack Wasa slices (they are rye slices similar to rusks, thinner), durum wheat toast, not wholemeal, dry biscuits or pavesini.
At lunch. Pasta al dente (not pasta), einkorn spelled pasta (ideal for those with gluten sensitivity), rice noodles, basmati rice, quinoa, dry egg pasta, tortillas made from nixtamalized corn flour. At dinner.

Green plantain (well cooked, boiled, 100 grams), durum wheat toast, raw red beets or carrots (max 100 grams) dressed with apple cider vinegar and oil, nixtamalized corn flour tortillas (Maseca type), naturally leavened pizza for a long time and with sour dough, not wholemeal, thin dough or a slice if like pizza by the slice, unleavened bread.
Or one of the lunch options.


Ripe bananas, oranges (sweet, alone), melon (sweet, alone), watermelon (maximum 100 grams, alone), cooked pears and apples, litchees (alone), kiwis, plums (sweet, without peel) , ripe strawberries, annone (alone, maximum a quarter if large), clementines (ok with kiwi or oranges), pineapple juice, orange juice without pulp, apple / pear compote, raspberries.

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