The Lean Plate Diet: 6 pounds off per month

The Lean Plate Diet: 6 pounds off per month

The lean plate diet is originally called the “ skinny plate challenge ” and is a very simple way to lose weight in 30 days with rules that can be done for anyone. In 30 days this regimen allows you to lose up to 6-7 kilos without other diets and to learn correctly how to balance meals and reduce portions. The diet can be continued until all excess weight is lost. 

The diet is about creating “the lean plate” at every meal. 
That is: a salad plate, with a diameter of about 18 cm, which must be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner in this way.
1) Up to three portions of food per dish. Each portion must not exceed the palm of your hand (raw weight) and all three portions together must not exceed the threshold of the plate (even heaped).

Otherwise 2 portions of food + a plate of minestrone or vegetable cream without legumes or potatoes.
2) Serving foodsare: vegetables / fruit (one portion), pasta / rice / cereals / cereal flakes / potatoes / corn / boiled legumes / 50 grams of bread (one portion), meat / fish / eggs / low-fat cheeses / tofu / tempeh / seitan (a portion). You can also create a salad or a single plate with these ingredients (for example: tomato, cannellini and tuna salad).
3) Only one dish for breakfast / lunch / dinner. Drinks are excluded from the dish, but it is recommended to drink only water, diet drinks, herbal teas or tea without sugar, coffee without sugar, skimmed milk.
4) Two snacks per day are allowed, not of the same type: up to ten almonds or walnuts (one snack), one medium fruit (one snack), one pack of low-fat Greek yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese (one snack), 2-3 pieces of dehydrated fruit (a snack).
5) A maximum tablespoon of oil per dish or a teaspoon of nut butter or cocoa is allowed, while lemon juice and vinegar are free. To sweeten the sweetener with zero calories is allowed. 

For the maintenance, it will be sufficient to use a larger plate (22 cm in diameter) but abundant with the portions of vegetables (a whole hand).
(photo credits: skinnyms )

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