Light Sangria: 100 calories per glass

Light Sangria: 100 calories per glass

Light sangria is a drink very similar to classic sangria, but with 100 calories per 150 ml of drink and the use of prosecco instead of red wine and the absence of other spirits such as triple sec or vodka and sugar . Which makes traditional sangria not the simple wine and juice mix we think, but a little calorie bomb that ranges from 173 to 275 calories per glass. 
In this case, the calories of the light sangria are 100 per 150 ml.

750 ml of prosecco
a can of sprite or other zero-calorie gazzosa
a bottle of red campari bitter
300 ml of orange juice with no added sugar
2 limes or a sliced ​​lemon including the peel
fruit such as peaches or sliced ​​oranges: 1 fruit of your choice sliced
​​fresh mint leaves

The procedure is very simple: mix the ingredients in a jug, first adding the fruit and mint with a few ice cubes, then the liquids. The doses are for about 1.5 liters of sangria, therefore ten servings. Keep cold until ready to serve.
If you want to use red wine instead of prosecco, with 750 ml of merlot you reach 130 calories per glass (150 ml).

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