The keto diet of dr. 9-day Berg: 4 pounds away

The keto diet of dr. 9-day Berg: 4 pounds away

Dr. Eric Berg is very well known abroad, thanks to his popularity on youtube (his page has over a million subscribers), in which in a series of videos he explains how to use a keto diet to lose weight and reset the metabolism.

Author of the book ” The 7 Principles of Fat Burning “, Eric Berg   is a chiropractor who then devoted the last few years of his research to nutrition. He is aimed at those people who are not athletic, but just exercise a little, and have problems with being overweight. And in particular to pre-menopausal or menopausal women.

It is for these women that Dr. Berg developed the 9-day keto diet .
A quick plan to start losing weight right away, as you lose 4-5 pounds in less than ten days.
Berg says that in nine years he has never had patients lose less weight on this particular keto diet of his.

But what’s so special about Dr. Berg?

This diet plan is low-carb i.e. low-carb. You eat very few carbohydrates, a lot of fat and protein foods in moderation, but there is more.
Dr. Berg’s keto diet combines the low carb approach with that of meal-timing , that is: you eat at certain times of the day to stimulate growth hormone, thus promoting weight loss.

In this way the body is pushed to burn fat effectively.
Dr. Berg’s keto diet scheme is as follows. I remind you that you must first discuss this with your doctor.

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