The Junk Food Experiment: the show that makes the stars fat

The Junk Food Experiment: the show that makes the stars fat

Three weeks of overeating to show what happens if you only eat junk food from morning to night.

And, as protagonists, the stars of British TV, already intent on sending hamburgers, fries, pizza, fried chicken, donuts and gulping down coke and milkshake. What is it?


This is the TV program ” The Junk Food Experiment “, in which a series of British celebrities have been involved in a fattening diet to show the public the effects on the body of a bad diet.

” I don’t want to see a hamburger again in my life, ” said one of the stars involved in the program.

All participants ate 50% more calories than their average for 3 weeks. All under the watchful eye of British journalist and nutritionist Michael Mosley.

That is the singer Peter Andre , the TV star Barrister Shaun , the Olympic athlete Tessa Sanderson , former javelin player, the politician Nadine Dorries , the Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor and the actress Hayley Tamaddon. 

And while they ate fried chicken and fries with mayonnaise, their health parameters were checked periodically.

There are those who have had high blood sugar, those who have lost sleep, those who have had problems digesting after two days, those who have deteriorated so much that they cannot follow the three-week experiment to avoid ending up in hospital.

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