The HR hypothyroidism diet, exclusive to Dcomedieta

The HR hypothyroidism diet, exclusive to Dcomedieta

The Hypothyroidism Revolution diet for hypothyroidism by Tom Brimeyer , founder of the ForefrontHealth website, has never been translated into Italian even though it represents a great novelty in the United States.
Tom Brimeyer, expert in functional medicine, deals with the relationship between health, hormones and the thyroid.
Dcomedieta talks about it exclusively in Italy.


Many have managed to improve the functionality of their thyroid thanks to the Hyperthyroidism Revolution program, without resorting to supplements or drugs. The success of this method is in its holistic approach.
What does it mean?
It means that he goes to look at not only the nutrition, but all those habits that are going to worsen the health of our thyroid. So let’s talk about a global approach. Let’s start with the dietary aspect.


It is first of all, explains its founder, to eliminate the foods that over the years decompensate our thyroid, reducing its functionality and causing us various health problems.

Excess weight, unstable mood, low body temperature, digestive difficulties and immuno-suppression in the first place.
The dietary rules of the protocol are simple. However paradoxical they may seem to us.
For each point the reference of the original article with the scientific bibliography or the links of the studies in brackets.

  • Cut back on foods that contain polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 6 and omega 3).
    Tom explains with a series of updated scientific studies that both omega6 and omega3 are not healthy fats, and that they must be consumed in minimal quantities through food, but the richest sources must be eliminated. Vegetable oils, oil seeds, dried fruit, omega3 supplements. They are not not reduce cardiovascular risk, but they inhibit proper cell function and suppress the thyroid gland ( 1 , 2 , 3 ). But not only. Olive oil should be consumed in teaspoons and sparingly, avocado is too rich in monounsaturated fatty acids to be healthy.
    All products that contain added vegetable oils apart from coconut oil should be eliminated. To be rewarded, in addition to coconut oil, butter and ghee.
  • Elimination of soy, especially raw crucifers, legumes, whole grains.
    Shocking, no doubt, but all of these foods are estrogenic.
    Excess estrogen causes thyroid problems ( 1 , 2 , 3 ).
    Vegetable milks (soy, oat, rice) must also be eliminated. Among the cereals rice, corn, little oats, but above all potatoes and lots of fruit are preferred. Between sugars, honey and fruit.
    Orange light for non-wholemeal pasta, as long as you eat it occasionally.

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