Japanese water therapy for healthy weight loss

Japanese water therapy for healthy weight loss

Japanese Water Therapy or Japanese Water Therapy is a weight loss method that is based only on the daily intake of water.

According to many professionals who support this method, starting with the Indian doctor RG Gangwani , Japanese water therapy alone manages to improve health parameters, reduce swelling, improve digestion, and allows us to lose weight by acting on the metabolism.

It would also improve the symptoms of many diseases and disorders, such as headache, arthritis, anemia, obesity, sinusitis, diabetes, asthma, rhinitis, pharyngitis, nausea, plus intestinal problems, from reflux to irritable bowel up to gastritis.
In fact, drinking water in this way not only promotes purification, but helps the body get rid of toxins and favors the work of the intestine, liver, kidneys.
In this article we see the rules for doing it. There is no need to change your diet.


The only thing is to follow the rules very faithfully. The approach must be progressive, especially for rule number one.

  1. In the morning, 4 to 6 glasses of water should be gradually drunk on an empty stomach. Between a glass and the other it is good to wait a few minutes, even 5 or 10.
    You cannot: wash your face, eyes or hands before drinking the water. This approach must be gradual. It starts with a 200ml glass. And gradually, one week at a time, consumption increases. The water should be at room temperature or lukewarm, not cold or hot.
  2. After drinking the water in the morning, brush your teeth and wait 45 minutes after breakfast. You cannot consume anything liquid or solid, not even drink coffee, before 45 minutes. Then have breakfast as usual.
  3. Immediately after meals, you cannot drink or eat for two consecutive hours.
  4. It is not drunk during meals, but it is necessary to drink half an hour before eating.
  5. From the end of the dinner, no more water is introduced until the morning.
  6. The total daily water intake is 1.8 to 2 liters of water for women, and 2.5 to 3 liters for men.

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