The diet of the singer Adele and how she managed to lose 20 kilos.

The diet of the singer Adele and how she managed to lose 20 kilos.

The singer Adele returns to be talked about but not for the music, but for its weight. Maybe there is too much attention to her for her body, and she has certainly been a victim of fat shaming: that is, she was bullied for being overweight.

So a few years ago Adele went on a diet. Singer Adele’s diet was the Sirt diet, which I talked about here , and which caused her to drastically lose 20 pounds, despite a romantic breakup.
In fact, with Sirt you lose three kilos a week.
I had expressed my concerns in this article. Losing weight because driven by criticism about one’s appearance I continue to consider it a negative approach.

But Adele didn’t regain weight even though she quickly lost it. How did she do it?


In fact, it seems that Adele is continuing to lose weight. I am no longer 20 kilos of weight loss. She doesn’t say it but she has lost further weight and the photos of her confirm it.

Thanks not only to the diet, but to the fact that it is followed by the famous British personal trainer Joe Wicks . Who revealed that Adele does not set foot in the gym, and that therefore she follows the training from home, and her dietary advice to stay lean.

As a result, she appeared much more toned and lean at the latest events than before.

Joe Wicks in fact specializes in short-term but intense workouts, and advice for a healthy diet that is also suitable for people who have little time to cook.
His trick?
Balanced meals between carbohydrates and proteins, lots of fruit and vegetables.

To understand how the singer managed to maintain the results achieved with the Sirt diet, here is Joe Wicks’ meal plan with examples of training plans. Videos of him on youtube allow people to train in 20 minutes a day, increase metabolism and tone the body.

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