The December diet: eat without gaining weight

The December diet: eat without gaining weight

For December, stay in shape without gaining weight with this special December diet, which leaves you free on holidays but avoids you having the excess pounds from the holidays. It is a very simple and intuitive diet, with Sundays free on days 1, 8 and 15 (which therefore do not fall within the plan), on days 24-25 and 26 and on day 31.

Here’s how to do it.

The goal of this regimen is to allow us to experience the holidays without gaining weight in December, and not to lose weight. In fact, people take 2 to 3 kilos on average under the holidays. This is one way to avoid it.

To have results also in weight loss, I suggest you do the short physical activity which is on the last page, which would allow you to lose 1-2 kilos even in December.
I recommend that you always talk to your doctor about it.


Menu for the first three weeks, to be followed from day 2 to 22 December, with the exception of days 8 and 15 which fall on Sundays.

Breakfast and snacks valid for the whole week

125 grams of white or soy low-fat yogurt or 180 ml of skim or soy milk + 3 rice / corn cakes or 3 blue pack wasa slices or 2 Gentilini rusks (or large round rusks) with 3 teaspoons of Hero Light jam to your taste, coffee or tea without sugar (ok sweetener with zero calories).

Snacks: 150 grams of fresh seasonal fruit with the exception of ripe persimmons, bananas, grapes. Alternatively 200 ml of pomegranate juice + 3 almonds.

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