The Calabrian diet to live a long time

The Calabrian diet to live a long time

Senior Hispanic man blowing out birthday candlesOf course, it cannot be said that Calabrians eat in moderation and then keep themselves so light: I spent long and beautiful summers in Calabria that became real gastronomic temptations among fresh fish, local meats and cured meats, cheeses and ricotta, wine and oil and above all granitas and ice creams. Yet, according to an American study , after the story that the Sardinians are a centenary people, the praises in terms of longevity have also touched the Calabrians .

The old Calabrians live up to a hundred years, and even surpass them. According to this study, conducted by the University of California in collaboration with the genetics and aging group of the University of Calabria , Calabrians live a long time because they know how to dose proteins, eating little until they are 60. In fact, too many proteins would hurt: as I have already written, they would cause greater mortality risks from intestinal problems (especially animal proteins) and premature aging. Paradoxically, it is precisely after the age of 60 that the daily protein quota must be raised: up to that age, an excess of protein causes the increase of a substance called IGF1 , which would lead to oxidative stress and a greater risk of cancer and problems. of cardiovascular health.

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