The Bresaola Diet of Inter: the diet desired by Conte

The Bresaola Diet of Inter: the diet desired by Conte

In England they called it “Bresaola Diet”: it would be the diet of the Inter players, wanted according to the tabloids by the new coach Antonio Conte to get his players on the pitch in perfect shape, including the new signing of the team, the Belgian Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku would have already lost three and a half kilos by doing the Bresaola Diet.

In fact, Conte cares a lot about the fitness of his athletes, and subjects them to a very simple diet to make them lose those extra pounds that he believes would compromise their performance on the pitch. And Lukaku before joining Inter he weighed over one hundred kilos, as reported by the Mirror and the Daily Mail.

The solution? A diet based on bresaola, chicken, turkey, vegetables and salads. The Bresaola Diet , in fact.
Fried foods, alcohol, sweets, fatty dairy products such as mozzarella, cheeses that are too high in calories are excluded. Sugar, yes, but only for breakfast and as snacks, in the form of fruit.

It is said that Antonio Conte in particular is not a fanatic of the classic Italian diet despite having Salento origins. In fact, he declared, arriving at Inter, that he wanted to control the nutrition of his players. Therefore, bread, pasta, pizza and desserts are abolished from the menu.

It is obviously not the first case in which players are subjected to a more rigid diet either by the coaches or on the initiative of the trainers, or, again, who undergo strict diets being followed by nutritionists. It is the case as we have already seen of Ronaldo, whose diet is explained here. 

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