The benefits of massage

The benefits of massage

The massage is a simple and natural gesture: contact is the basis of every massage. And it is precisely through contact that the very first benefit of each massage is obtained, which involves body, mind and emotions.

The benefits of massage

The benefits of massage

There are different types of massage : sports, anti-stress, decontracting, therapeutic, lymphatic drainage , modeling, shiatsu, tuina , ayurvedic , Thai , with oils, stone massages and many others.

Any therapy that involves contact , pressure and manipulation , light or deep , of the skin , joints and tissues , is part of the vast practice of massage.

The benefits of massage , regardless of the particular technique applied, can be generalized as follows:

Effects on superficial circulation : almost all massages involve a more or less marked brushing of the skin.

The action on the skin of the movements of the hands has draining effects and elimination of toxins : regardless of the type of massage, even if a strictly draining technique is not applied, the action of improving the superficial circulation has benefits on blood circulation and lymphatic, improving the well-being of the skin and eliminating swelling and edema;

effects on connective tissue and muscles : the benefits of massage are not only superficial, but also profound. The connective tissue acquires, through the manipulation carried out with the massage, greater flexibility. The same goes for the muscles: the massage allows you to relax the contracted muscles, and tone those less used;

effects on the nervous system : contact, when accompanied by trust and respect, transmits a sedative and relaxing effect to the central nervous system via the skin. This allows you to re-harmonize the production of hormones, especially when you are in situations of emotional, physical or mental overload, allowing the body to react better and recover its balance;

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various therapeutic effects : there are many types of massage aimed at solving specific pathologies. Above all, traditional massages, such as those related to Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, are used to treat pathologies. The same goes for reflex massages, used to stimulate the organs without directly acting on them;

effects on the functioning of the organs : the body is one, the skin is linked to the underlying layer of muscles and tissues, as well as to the central nervous system, and also to the deep organs. Acting on the skin and muscles through massage also stimulates the functioning of the organs, even when you do not act directly on the anatomical areas that are home to the organs themselves. All the more reason some precise massages on the abdomen act by toning or decongesting the internal organs, such as stomach, liver and intestine;

emotional and psychological effects : contact is important in the sphere of any living being. Through the experience of contact, behaviors and personalities are formed. This dimension, so distorted by culture and society, is as important as taking care of the physical and mental part.

The quality of the contact in the massage is very important , and also determines the quality of the results obtained, on all levels. This is why it is important to rely on the hands of qualified operators, and to carefully choose both the type of massage and the type of massager.


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