Asanas to avoid in pregnancy

Asanas to avoid in pregnancy

Yoga can have several benefits during pregnancy, but it is better to avoid some asanas that can stress the body, such as the bridge position. Here are some tips for practicing yoga during gestation and benefiting from it.

Asanas to avoid in pregnancy

The Asanas 

Although the joints of our body may seem simple and limited, they allow us to take on a quantity of Asanas (the positions of yoga) far from our imagination.

Asanas, like most of the physical and spiritual arts of the East, are born from the imitation of animals and nature . Some movements even imitate the phenomena of nature such as the wave of the sea, or the currents of the wind .

This leads the whole organism to stimulate the laws of life that flow within it and increase its “awareness”. 

If everything flows inside the organism, the chakras have a greater ability to connect the inner world with the outer one .

Asanas during pregnancy

Practicing Asanas for pregnant women is a good opportunity to experience contact with your body and energy. It is an excellent physical and spiritual preparation for giving birth to a life.

However, if the Asanas are practiced without listening to one’s body, they can cause injuries and, in the case of pregnant women, even dangers for the future unborn child.

During pregnancy the movements must be done very slowly , listening to every part of your body and taking into account the presence of the fetus. The breath must be in harmony with each position one assumes. 

Which Asanas to Avoid During Pregnancy

During pregnancy you must avoid all those Asanas that put a strain on the abdominal and lumbar belt , such as the position of the bridge, or chakrasana , where the back is arched and the feet and hands push on the floor . 

Stretching or contracting the area of ​​the body that protects the fetus too much or for too long can be risky.

Each movement must be done lightly and in good harmony with the breath . 

We must listen to the instructors, but do only those exercises that we feel good for our body and at the same time more appropriate to our physical state.

It is not recommended to hold positions for too long , everything must be done according to the physical sensations and emotional state.

Practice the Asanas to the fullest

During pregnancy it is good to practice the Asanas at times away from meals and, if possible, in natural places. 

These sacred disciplines are great to practice during pregnancy only with good concentration and a good listening to your feelings. 

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