The benefits of drinking water

The benefits of drinking water

Drinking water certainly has a number of advantages and benefits, but what exactly are the benefits of drinking water?

The human body of an adult is made up of about 60% of water, it can be deduced that proper hydration is essential for our psycho-physical functions, a healthy individual should drink at least 2 liters of water every day.

Now let’s see in detail what are the benefits of drinking water.

  1. STRENGTHENS IMMUNE DEFENSES: Proper hydration is essential to make our immune system healthy and efficient, this means that the blood is able to transport oxygen to every cell in the body, making the body healthier and more resistant to any diseases. Dehydration makes us weaker and more vulnerable to germs and bacteria.
  2. RECOVER ENERGIES: Drinking water feeds our muscles with energy, it also helps to improve the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue, helping us to recover our energy better.
  3. IMPROVE CONCENTRATION: Yes, drinking water helps improve concentration and our cognitive skills. Researchers at the University of East London and Westminter found that those who drink about half a liter of water before concentrating on a mental task speed their reaction times by 14%, compared to those who have not drunk. Seeing is believing!
  4. DEPURES THE ORGANISM FROM WASTE AND TOXINS: Drinking water helps to expel waste substances and toxins that are not necessary for the functioning of our body, improving the efficiency of the liver and kidneys.
  5. HELPS SLIMMING: Exactly, drinking water is also good for your diet ! A glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach helps to “deflate” the body and purify it, also keeping hydrated throughout the day increases the metabolic rate, helping to burn calories more easily.
  6. LOWER PRESSURE: Drinking water helps lower blood pressure, unfortunately hypertension is a disorder that affects about 15 million Italians, one of the causes is the hardening and aging of the arteries. Drinking the right amount of water improves the cardiovascular system and regulates arterial activity.
  7. PROMOTES MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT: Muscles are made up of about 75% water, it can be deduced that proper hydration favors their recovery and development, moreover water is also an enemy of the infamous cortisol, helping muscle growth.
  8. REDUCES GLUCOSE: Drinking water also helps to lower the blood sugar level, this is because drinking reduces the level of sugars inside the body and helps eliminate excess glucose through the urine.
  9. MAKES THE SKIN YOUNGER: Drinking water helps regenerate skin cells, counteracting aging, also prevents the formation of wrinkles and eliminates bacteria present in the skin.
  10. IMPROVES MOOD: Stress increases the need for circulating fluids, which is why drinking the right amount of water would help reduce stress and consequently make us happier and in a good mood. Stress and anger increase the onset of inflammatory reactions, drinking water helps to counteract this process.

As seen in this article, the benefits of drinking water are many, but choosing the right water is also of paramount importance.

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