The anti-hot diet: what foods to eat?

The anti-hot diet: what foods to eat?

I guess you all know the classic recommendations for fighting the heat in the summer: drink more water and eat more fruit and vegetables. However, if you want to be able to fight the heat at the table, in this article we will see which are the right foods to do so thanks to an anti-heat diet.

First of all from the point of view of hydration. There are foods that hydrate us more than others and provide us with a pool of minerals and vitamins that allow us to better fight the summer heat, and it’s not just about fruit and vegetables!


The foods that provide greater hydration and allow us to fight the heat are varied, it is not just vegetables, and by following this menu it is even possible that you will lose some weight. The best foods for an anti-heat diet are in fact the following.

Fruits, vegetables, unsweetened orange juice or juice, potatoes, skimmed milk, Greek yogurt, fish, especially for crustaceans and molluscs, fruit sorbets and popsicles, fresh cheeses.
Avoid red meats, sausages, fried foods, and a diet too rich in flour, prolonged cooking, alcohol.

Consuming water does not mean getting hydrated, precisely because the water lacks those minerals, such as potassium, which improve the body’s electrolyte balance. The more we drink water alone, the more we run the risk of dispersing these mineral salts with sweat and urine.

The result is that we feel more bloated and fatigued, and not fresher. We’ll see this better with this anti-hot diet menu on page two. 

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