The amethyst in crystal therapy

The amethyst in crystal therapy

The purple stone par excellence, omnipresent in crystal therapy sessions. But what is amethyst used for? Let’s find out together.

The amethyst in crystal therapy

Jewelery, collecting, occultism, furniture, ceremonial use and finally crystal therapy . There are numerous uses of amethyst and the relationships that this magnificent stone with a more or less intense purple color has had with human beings.

It is known as a variety of quartz , to be considered as one of the most valuable, with a color ranging from intense pink to deep purple, due to trivalent iron which, in the chemical structure, has replaced silicon.

There are many historical references that can be made around amethyst : from the use that the Egyptians made of it to the various Greek myths related to it, passing through the use that the Caesars, Popes and cardinals made of it, without neglecting the usual use in the shamanic rites of Asia, in the religious ones of the Australian aborigines and Mesoamerican priests.


The amethyst and the chakras

But let’s focus on what concerns the use of amethyst in crystal therapy, or the set of techniques whose benefits lead to restoring the psychophysical health and energy harmony of the individual through the application of stones on the body or, in some cases, their use at relative distance using their magnetic field .

First of all it should be noted that the color of amethyst is relative to that of the seventh chakra of the yogic tradition , called Sahasrara .

Since crystal therapy has included in its synergistic work the sapiential traditions of various cultural heritage, including the yogic one, amethyst has always been associated with this chakra, considered the last and highest, capable of opening up to cosmic consciousness.

This is one of the reasons why the amethyst is considered a “facilitator” of internalization exercises such as meditation , concentration and contemplation .


The inner benefits of amethyst in crystal therapy

In the practice of crystal therapy, small amethyst druse or isolated crystals are used , especially when they have an excellent prismatic shape.

Otherwise , even cut gems or tumbled samples can very often be useful. In individual practice, the amethyst helps to perceive the inner guidance and its messages , making them as clear and direct as possible.

In this sense it is also used to facilitate the patient’s contact with the root of his own internal contradictions and idiosyncrasies , especially when through the ego these take on destructive or particularly negative forms, such as the tendency to addiction to substances or people.


The physical benefits of amethyst in crystal therapy

On a more practical and physical level, the crystal therapist applies amethyst or recommends its use to the patient to help restore a healthy sleep cycle in case it is disturbed and disharmonious.
Furthermore, amethyst seems to be often used in the case of circulation problems and to regenerate the immune system, being used to heal wounds and prevent bacterial attacks from taking root .
But not only does the blood circulation positively benefit from the amethyst, this stone is in fact indicated to support the work of almost all the different types of corrosive fluids .
Some experts say that amethyst is of great help in expelling toxic particles from the body such as medicinal and heavy metal waste deposited in some cave of the body. Even those who face the healing paths of the respiratory system can take advantage of the help of amethyst.

The amethyst in Italy

An all-Italian curiosity: in Sardinia, in Osilo in the province of Sassari to be precise, you can find some beautiful amethysts which, although they never present themselves with an intense color but rather in a pinkish purple, have a very well made crystalline prismatic dress which can rarely be found in the South American amethysts that have invaded the market with their geodes thanks to the appeal given by their color.

In crystal therapy, it is good to remember, the perfection of the crystalline dress is as important as the color .

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